1. Celebrating 2014 Mother’s Day with Queensland Orchid Society | ✿❀ Queensland Orchid Society ❀✿ Mon 12 May 2014 - [object Window] via Celebrating 2014 Mother’s Day with Queensland Orchid Society | ✿❀ Queensland Orchid Society ❀✿.
  2. Bonsai Bark | Promoting and Expanding the Bonsai Universe Sat 3 May 2014 -
  3. A Living Centerpiece Thu 12 Dec 2013 - Originally posted on Forest Garden:
    ~ Early December is often spent sprucing up our inside spaces for the holidays.  Not only do we spend more time indoors, but many of us will have family, friends, and house guests visiting this month and next.  We clean up, freshen up, and bring out our Christmas decorations in…
  4. Violas For Winter Blooms Sat 5 Oct 2013 - Originally posted on Forest Garden:
    Violas are finally here, ready to plant in our pots and beds to enjoy all winter.  Even as we watch weather reports of 20+ inches of snow falling in early winter storm Atlas over six states in the upper mid-west of the US, I’m planning our winter flower garden. Violas,…
  5. Beauty of Foliage Fri 4 Oct 2013 - Originally posted on Forest Garden:
    Caladium and Begonia ~ Consider how beautiful foliage can be;  whether the brightly veined leaves of a Caladium, the dark ruffled leaves of Anglewing Begonia, or the velvety leaves of Coleus. ~ Coleus ~ All of the these plants produce flowers, but the flowers aren’t the main event.  These plants…
  6. Glorious Orchid Specimens in 2013 Spring Show Competition Sun 15 Sep 2013 - Originally posted on ✿❀ Queensland Orchid International ❀✿:
    The Spring Show Has Begun in Earnest on 13th September! The Queensland Orchid Society would like to welcome all of you to the show, and to hope that those who attended have had a pleasant time enjoying the opportunity to exhibit, view, learn about, sell or buy quality orchid…
  7. ✿❀ Queensland Orchid Society ❀✿ Wed 28 Aug 2013 - Originally posted on SoundEagle 🦅ೋღஜஇ:
    A New Website Is Born! SoundEagle has been busy creating and designing this new and special website, and would like to welcome you to browse and comment at your discretion. Click on the following images to visit the corresponding parts of the Queensland Orchid Society website. On this website you will…
  8. Container Gardening Mon 8 Jul 2013 - Container Gardening, Planter, Pot, Potted Plants, Wall or Vertical Gardening, Potted Garden, Repurpose, Reuse, Recycle, Miniature Garden, Accent Plant
  9. Signature Gardens: Annuals/Containers ― Spring/Summer Container Gardening Mon 8 Jul 2013 - Container Gardening, Planter, Pot, Potted Plants, Wall or Vertical Gardening, Potted Garden, Repurpose, Reuse, Recycle, Miniature Garden, Accent Plant
  10. Potted Plant Society on Clipzine and Pinterest Mon 8 Jul 2013 - Container Gardening, Planter, Pot, Potted Plants, Wall or Vertical Gardening, Potted Garden, Repurpose, Reuse, Recycle, Miniature Garden, Accent Plant
  11. Colours Storm Sat 15 Jun 2013 -
  12. How To Make Your Own Window Garden Sat 11 May 2013 -
  13. How To Make Your Own Hanging Flower Basket Sat 11 May 2013 -
  14. How To Make Your Own Miniature Garden Fri 10 May 2013 -
  15. How To Make Your Own Balcony Garden Fri 10 May 2013 -
  16. My Week without Television Sun 7 Apr 2013 - Originally posted on Drops of Magic:
    Okay, I did it. I hid my remote and pulled the cord on my TV for a week. This is my diary of the unplugged experience: Day one: I spent the afternoon on a long hike with a bunch of friends. Then came home, drank wine and emailed people on facebook. Barely…
  17. 2012 in Review – Potted Plant Society’s Annual Report with Season Greetings, Statistics, City Skyline, Mountains, Spotlights and Fireworks! Tue 1 Jan 2013 - Continuing the festive spirit as 2012 departs and 2013 arrives, Potted Plant Society would like to thank and appreciate, wholeheartedly, everybody who visited, liked and/or commented on various posts and pages, with the gesture and formality of presenting this stylish 2012 Annual Report, based on some data from the “stats helper monkeys” at WordPress. Here […]
  18. Season Greetings from SoundEagle: Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Joyful Holiday Thu 20 Dec 2012 - SoundEagle says: I would like to share the following poem with all followers and members of the Potted Plant Society. I have a list of folks I know all written in a book, And every year at Christmas time I go and take a look. And that is when I realize that these names are […]
  19. Floral Art Innovations: Window Box Sun 9 Dec 2012 -
  20. Floral Art Innovations: Repurpose, Reuse and Recycle Sun 9 Dec 2012 -
  21. Floral Art Innovations: Balcony, Terrace, Verandah or Roof Sun 9 Dec 2012 -
  22. Floral Art Innovations: Container Gardening Sun 9 Dec 2012 -
  23. Floral Art Innovations: Wall or Vertical Gardening Sun 9 Dec 2012 -
  24. Floral Art Innovations: Suspended Sun 9 Dec 2012 -
  25. Fit with Fittonia. Sat 24 Nov 2012 -
  26. Late Flowers Sat 24 Nov 2012 - Originally posted on My Plants And Favourite Places:
    At the start of the year I planned to photograph plants in flower on a weekly basis.  This patently never materialised  (the same fate happened to many of my other projects!) – I will have another go next year so please bear with me! Below are a…
  27. Eye-Catchers in your Garden. Thu 15 Nov 2012 -
  28. Orchid Design Inspiration Thu 15 Nov 2012 -
  29. Plants and Pots Design for around the house. Wed 14 Nov 2012 -
  30. The Travessa Vertical Garden Home. Mon 12 Nov 2012 -
  31. Living in a Jungle at Home. Mon 12 Nov 2012 -
  32. Bringing the Outside Indoors – The Seasonal Culling of Plants Thu 8 Nov 2012 - View original post
  33. British Garden Design Winners. Mon 5 Nov 2012 -
  34. Pots,Plants and Pleasure !. Mon 5 Nov 2012 -
  35. Spirited Cyclamen-Indoor-plant of the month. Mon 5 Nov 2012 -
  36. Suspended Potted Plants at Glacier Gardens in Juneau Alaska Sat 27 Oct 2012 -
  37. Pumpkin Containers Fri 26 Oct 2012 - Originally posted on greenfingernails:
      Add some autumn decor to your porch or deck in time for Halloween and Thanksgiving celebrations by using pumpkins as containers. That’s right – pumpkins. This quick weekend project makes for an eye-catching Thanksgiving centrepiece, adornment for your front entrance, or a hostess gift. Get your kids and grandkids involved…
  38. Succulent Garden Extravaganza Fri 26 Oct 2012 - Originally posted on lazar landscape:
    Our design department field trip to the Succulent Garden Extravaganza was super fun. The folks over at Succulent Gardens put on a real nice shindig. We enjoyed the presentations, our fellow succulent lovers, and good barbecue – and we all came back with lots of new plants for our gardens.…
  39. My Orchids Tie One On Fri 26 Oct 2012 -   Here’s my latest creation and invention. My friend Joe owns the best Italian restaurant ever called Roma Ristorante. Joe asked for some flowers for his bar so I picked up these stunning orchids and two glass containers. One very large and a smaller vase to fit inside the larger one. Next I scoured Ebay…
  40. Back to the Future – Gardens by the Bay, Singapore Fri 26 Oct 2012 - The Frustrated Gardener I’ve seen the future …. and it’s kind of strange! There’s been lots in the UK travel press about the development of Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, so I was desperate to squeeze a visit into our 7 hour stop over on the way to Burma. Despite being groggy from a […]
  41. I Love Container Gardening Sun 21 Oct 2012 -
  42. How to Win a Miniature Contest with a Miniature Garden Sun 21 Oct 2012 -
  43. Lights, Camera, Action! Photographing Your Miniature Garden Sun 21 Oct 2012 -
  44. A New and Rare Miniature Garden Workshop with Expert Janit Calvo Sun 21 Oct 2012 -
  45. autumn in Tokyo Wed 17 Oct 2012 -
  46. Terrariums Mon 24 Sep 2012 -
  47. Weekend Project: Container Gardening Sat 22 Sep 2012 - Originally posted on lazar landscape:
    Looking for a quick weekend project to spruce up your patio, deck or even you front porch? Container gardening is a great, easy project to do just that. Whether you are sprucing up some pots you already have, planning to buy new containers or creating a specific container garden, you…
  48. Flower Power Update! Sat 22 Sep 2012 - SoundEagle says: This post presents an update on the extra lush growth observable on the same but younger potted plants shown in the post entitled “Container Gardening” a single season earlier.
  49. Living Wall Prezi Fri 21 Sep 2012 - Originally posted on stewardsofearth:
    I recently experimented with the innovative presentation tool called Prezi.  This is an amazing way to visualize presentations, get the bigger picture, and allow for a less linear look.  This is a presentation I made last week outlining the basics about living walls “Introduction to Living Walls” Let me know what…
  50. Keeping Streets Safe and Beautiful Fri 21 Sep 2012 - Originally posted on xamary:
    Bench and planter: San Francisco, California San Francisco’s busy Powell Street is safer thanks to this beautifully designed stainless steel planter.  Powell Street is crowded with tourists but to keep them from easily crossing the street and perhaps getting hit by traffic and cable cars, this long planter along the curb…
  51. HOW TO MAKE A POND IN A POT – GUIDE Fri 21 Sep 2012 -
  52. Evergreen Herb — Self-Watering Planter Fri 21 Sep 2012 - Originally posted on moddea:
    This self-watering planter comes from Cult Design‘s new collection. It consists of two terracotta containers and felt strips, which keep herbs fresher than their store-bought pots. Thanks to the porous feature of the material, the planter also acts as a small humidifier. Design by Marita Lord. Evergreen Herb — Self-Watering Planter, Small, $29.95;…
  53. A Terra Cotta..Grill? Fri 21 Sep 2012 - Originally posted on Workplace Resource Florida:
    Summer is unfortunately winding down, and for those of you who don’t live in a year-round warm climate, you face the annual decision of what to do with your barbecue grill. If you’ve got a nice, expensive setup its a no-brainer to buy a grill cover and/or store it…
  54. Vintage Dresser Planter Fri 21 Sep 2012 - Originally posted on Life Loving Londoner:
    Life Loving Londoner View original post
  55. Plants Brought Alive! Wed 19 Sep 2012 - Originally posted on A Curious Crate by Jean:
    Terrarium fun crafted by Josh Leo from 8 Oaks Terrariums
  56. Wed 19 Sep 2012 -
  57. Pots, Plants and Pleasure. Wed 19 Sep 2012 -
  58. All Decked Out Sat 15 Sep 2012 - Originally posted on Garden Shoots:
    As a garden designer,  I have a confession to make: I don’t think of myself as particularly inspired when it comes to containers (planters, pots, whatever you want to call them). My colleague Kripa is the star at our company, and I always love to look at and photograph her…
  59. Containers for the Shade Sat 15 Sep 2012 - Originally posted on Garden Shoots:
    As I’ve confessed before, container planting isn’t my strong suit. Occasionally I get a burst of inspiration, but more often I consult my colleague Kripa here at Landscape Projects, who is a genius when it comes to putting together gorgeous pots. Here’s a sample, for a shady garden, which she…
  60. Summer watering Sat 15 Sep 2012 -
  61. The Edible Greenhouse. Fri 14 Sep 2012 -
  62. Precious moments Fri 14 Sep 2012 -
  63. Green Balcony Fantasy Fri 14 Sep 2012 -
  64. Vicky Plant-Lamp Fri 14 Sep 2012 -
  65. Leuke combinaties in pot. Fri 14 Sep 2012 -
  66. Urban-Gardenig=Important. Fri 14 Sep 2012 -
  67. Fun storage solutions to excite the abode Fri 14 Sep 2012 - Originally posted on weberlifedesignspeaks✦com:
    There is one thing that most will agree with no matter what size home that they live in; there is never enough room for storage. Tabletops and floors get cluttered with papers. It seems like anytime that a surface is cleaned off someone in the household sees fit to fill…
  68. Wall décor that adds new life to the abode Fri 14 Sep 2012 - Originally posted on weberlifedesignspeaks✦com:
    The world is getting more and more crowded. Nowhere is this more prevalent than living in congested metro areas. The abode has become an important place to have as an escape from the hustle and bustle. As the pollution increasingly overwhelms, we are becoming increasingly aware of how important it…
  69. “Green Indoors” best concept by far! Fri 14 Sep 2012 -
  70. Buiten Bonsai’s Fri 14 Sep 2012 -
  71. Pretty! Fri 14 Sep 2012 - Originally posted on musicologistblog:
    musicologistblog View original post
  72. Roof-garden for sale. Fri 14 Sep 2012 -
  73. Bamboo Vertical planter. Fri 14 Sep 2012 -
  74. Please could I have my green wall? Fri 14 Sep 2012 -
  75. Tower Flower by Edouard François Wed 12 Sep 2012 - Originally posted on KARMATRENDZ:
    The Flower Tower was completed in 2004. Christian de Portzamparc, architect in charge of the urban regeneration zone of Hauts Malesherbes, had given us a carte blanche. The tower is the vertical continuation of an adjacent park. Its giant flower pots, hanging from the balconies, were inspired by Parisian window planters…
  76. Natural Systems Domination by Tres Birds Workshop Wed 12 Sep 2012 - Originally posted on KARMATRENDZ:
    Tres Birds, a design/build architecture firm, created a temporary nature-inspired art installation in downtown Denver, Colorado. Architecture design and build firm, Tres Birds Workshop from Boulder, CO was recently commissioned to create a large-scale art installation for KEEN’s Recess Revolution Tour encouraging people outside during the workday for daily activity breaks…
  77. Accent plants Wed 12 Sep 2012 -
  78. Woolly Pockets Wed 12 Sep 2012 - Originally posted on mrblueskye:
    Lately, I have been obsessed with hanging gardens and have been toying around with the idea of making a large living wall with succulents or going the Woolly Pocket route and doing something really lush and full. We recently expanded our patio space to include a play area for Skye and…
  79. Vertical gardens for every city home Wed 12 Sep 2012 - Originally posted on Easy Peasy Life ... in the city:
    With these creative urban gardening ideas, you won’t need a backyard to enjoy a bit of garden bloom. Check out how other city slickers get their dose of spring blossoms and fresh herbs straight from their balcony, window sill, bare walls and other nook and crannies…
  80. Balcony Gardening: Vertical Herbs Wed 12 Sep 2012 -
  81. Treehugger Vertical Gardening Fact-Sheet. Wed 12 Sep 2012 -
  82. Vertical Gardening: Veggie Style Tue 11 Sep 2012 -
  83. More From the Miniature Garden Archives, Part II Tue 11 Sep 2012 -
  84. Tue 11 Sep 2012 -
  85. Products We Love – Apartment Gardening Tue 11 Sep 2012 - Originally posted on SOW SWELL:
    We’ve got lots of friends who live in apartments and they tell us they can’t wait to have a house so they can start their own urban farm and eating fresh food from their own backyard.  But we tell them there are lots of options for apartment gardeners and just…
  86. Ideas and Inspiration for a Modern Vegetable Garden Tue 11 Sep 2012 - Originally posted on SOW SWELL:
    Photo Credit: LHL Designs has fashioned wine creates into gorgeous vegetable gardens fit for any sized farm! We recently posted about Getting Rid of Your Lawn and Xeriscaping, which are definitely bigger projects.  We strive to offer ideas that are appropriate for all types of farms. And inspiration can sometimes be daunting…
  87. A Kitchen Herb Garden – You Can Grow That! Tue 11 Sep 2012 - Originally posted on Gordon's Gardens:
    If you have enough natural light in your kitchen, you can grow an herb garden.   Growing a variety of herbs you use on a semi-regular basis can be both easy and incredibly satisfying.  All you need to grow an indoor herb garden in your kitchen is good light.…
  88. New Terrariums Tue 11 Sep 2012 - Originally posted on De temporum ratione:
    Several new terrariums for bright light environment… New Terrariums September 2012
  89. Mason Jar Ideas Tue 11 Sep 2012 - Originally posted on Confessions of a Barefoot Kitchen Witch:
    Mason Jar Terrariums Terrariums can cost you up to $160, but this solution costs only a few dollars and is perfect for a centerpiece or mantel: 1.    Take your Mason jar and put rocks in the bottom of it. 2.    Add charcoal (this prevents bacteria). 3.    Add…
  90. What’s Glass and Dirt and Awesome? Sun 9 Sep 2012 -
  91. DIY Shade Terrarium Sat 8 Sep 2012 - Originally posted on waking up eden:
    In my previous post I thought it would be fun to do a blog post on terrariums. So there you have it, I created my own! I have some pictures provided and steps you can follow on how to make your own Shade Terrarium. It was quite fun, and…
  92. A little green Sat 8 Sep 2012 -
  93. Small Home Garden Fri 7 Sep 2012 - Originally posted on Sequin and Tulle:
    Oh gosh, how I love the idea of planting seeds in eggs shells. It is such an organic and natural way of starting a small garden in your own home. The eggs shells make for some inexpensive “pots” that can support seed growth at the earliest stages. Totally loving how this…
  94. simplicity Tue 4 Sep 2012 -
  95. My favourite buildings in London: The house with a roof terrace in Hackney Tue 4 Sep 2012 - SoundEagle says: It would have been even more impressive if vertical gardening were to be implemented all along the blank white wall on the left side of the building.
  96. Everyone can do urban gardening! First round-up of examples Tue 4 Sep 2012 -
  97. ASPAC KIMURA DEMO 2011 Mon 3 Sep 2012 -
  98. ASPAC BONSAI 2011 Japan Mon 3 Sep 2012 -
  99. DAIKAN TEN 2011 Mon 3 Sep 2012 -
  100. Bonsai videos … Mon 3 Sep 2012 -
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