Container Repurposed

From Container Gardening:

Here’s a peek at what gardeners are planning for this year (2012).

1. Re-purposing

No longer is it cool to just recycle used products. The really cool thing is to re-purpose used products and gardeners are leading the way.

Take, for instance, used doors. They are being re-purposed as raised beds for veggies and flowers. All you need is two old doors about the same size. Let’s assume each door is 7 feet long and 3 feet high. Cut one door lengthways down the center, making two 7-feet sections that are 18 inches high. These will be the long sides of your raised bed. Cut the next door in half and trim to 18 inches high. Using wood screws, attach the ends and presto!

Not only is this a conversation piece, but the cost savings is significant.

Old rain gutters are being re-purposed as vertical garden containers attached to an outside wall. Simply cut the rain gutter to your desired length and attach hardware cloth to either end to keep soil from escaping while allowing the water to drain away. Attach the rain gutter to a wall or fence with screws, fill with soil and plant vegetables, vines and flowers.

If you have a lot of rain gutters, stagger them up and down the wall to create a vertical garden.

Another repurposing trend is putting plants in anything but a standard pot. Gardeners are now using glass jars, metal buckets, wooden boxes even industrial-grade steel pipes as plant pots.

Containers & Repurposed


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