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How To Make Your Own Window Garden




Gardening in the city is populair,more and more citizens realize how important green can be for your environment and your own well-being.

It’s a good feeling to have yourself surrounded with living green,plants are fun to grow and to look at. And don’t forget how important your little garden can be for the Bio-diversity . Limited space can be a problem for Urban-gardeners but must be seen as a challenge,Urban-Gardeners are famous for their space-solutions. Aquaponics and Window-farming are breeding-methods wich are great to grow on limited space and can help you to grow food, and with Aquaponics it’s surprising how quickly the crop grows.In the U.S city-gardening is much more common comparing with Europe.In my opinion Detroit must be the World Capital of Urban-farming and New York World Capital of Roof-Gardens.Urban=Gardening and everything with it shall be a great part of this weblog.Here are just some ideas.


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Fun storage solutions to excite the abode


There is one thing that most will agree with no matter what size home that they live in; there is never enough room for storage. Tabletops and floors get cluttered with papers. It seems like anytime that a surface is cleaned off someone in the household sees fit to fill it up again.

The search for attractive storage solutions can be never ending. Simple shelves can appear sloppy when items are stacked on them.

MOBOS has come to the rescue storage solution with creative systems to decorate the walls with.

  • “Made from recyclable steel and non-toxic coatings, MOBOS® are proud to be made in the USA.”
  • MOBOS creates modular storage for both inside and out.
  • Mix and match MOBOS® designs to create unique wall art that doubles as storage
  • There are many shapes and colors to choose from that easily hook on and off your choice of bar…

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The Spindow window can be turned and the adaptable planter makes this design multi-functional. The design is from JunkYung Kim & Jonggu Do . Growing plants can be switched from indoor to outdoor in a second.

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My favourite buildings in London: The house with a roof terrace in Hackney

Click here to contact SoundEagle (Web Administrator and Designer)SoundEagle says: It would have been even more impressive if vertical gardening were to be implemented all along the blank white wall on the left side of the building.