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Mudpuppy : Featured Vendor

Firefly Handmade

First discovered at a Denver handmade event, we hoped to one day introduce Mudpuppy to Boulder. Maybe it was the baby’s expression, maybe it was the minimalism that drew us in, either way we will let the images speak for themselves.

Michael McDowell designs ceramic products for urban living, typically involving plant and garden pieces that have a dual purpose being both sculptural and functional while economizing space. His objective is to hand craft beautiful, well made objects for your home.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/michaelmcdowell
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mudpuppyonetsy/

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Hanging Herb Garden

10 Creative Planters for the Avant Gardener – Brit & Co. – Living

Manic Mondays

Smitten Kitten Style

Upside down your turning me, yes…you Monday. Some Mondays feel utterly and completely upside down, don’t they? So why not add a little whimsical humor to your bedroom that will turn your Monday frown, upside down.

You can buy these wonderful planters here.  If it is good enough for Alice in Wonderland, upside down is good enough for you!

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Downunder Potted Plants

L&L Photography

This past Sunday our local farmers market (see ‘who brought the money?’), featured the arrival of the Downunder Potted Plants. These unique pots are sold at the markets by a local distributor/vendor Carol James, from C James Nursery in Newberg, Oregon. What made her nursery different among others at the market, are the special terra-cotta pots used for potting plants. While the plants are grown locally from Carol’s nursery in Newberg, the pots are designed and manufactured by a gal named Mia in Australia (copywritten and tradmarked), called  Downunder Potted Plants. These planters are unique as they hold a plant inside the planter from the underside and the planter is hung with the plant growing from the bottom.

Cleverly named, these pots hold a variety of plants. I have listed the types of plants that work best below. When properly planted and cared for, plants will naturally grow toward the…

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