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Wall décor that adds new life to the abode

Dress the walls with unique plant wall décor that “grows itself” and gives back by purifying the air.

“Simply mount this plant grid onto your wall–indoors or outdoors–and fill the pockets with plants or seeds. Watering is done by filling the top reservoir. Once filled, water trickles down to each pocket and all excess water is collected by the bottom reservoir, which is removable. Mounting bracket not included. Ideal if seeking very unique and eclectic wall decor.”

This is fashioned from a natural wood frame with a built in reservoir to keep the plants watered. You can plant whatever type of plant you want. Have evergreens to brighten the décor all year round.

Be inventive and design your own version of a wall planter

  • Wall planters add texture to a boring wall.
  • Mix with artwork for a beautiful and unique looking wall décor.


The world is getting more and more crowded. Nowhere is this more prevalent than living in congested metro areas. The abode has become an important place to have as an escape from the hustle and bustle.

As the pollution increasingly overwhelms, we are becoming increasingly aware of how important it is for us to sustain our surroundings.

Eco-friendly décor creates a greener and ecologically friendly environment to live in.

Green walls and roofs are exciting concepts but most people are not ready to, or cannot, commit to greening an entire roof or wall.

Plant wall décor adds living art to the abode’s walls.

Dress the walls with unique plant wall décor that “grows itself” and gives back by purifying the air.

“Simply mount this plant grid onto your wall–indoors or outdoors–and fill the pockets with plants or seeds. Watering is done by filling the top reservoir. Once filled, water trickles…

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“Green Indoors” best concept by far!

The Best House Guests Ever


Houseplants are the guests that never leave shoe marks on the floor or dirty dishes in the sink. In return for their invitation, plants offer mental and physical relief from the chaos of daily life. I’ve written before how gardening is therapy, and working with interior plants is no exception.  With a winter as blustery and dreary as this one, there is no better way to “think spring” than getting a beautiful houseplant for your home.

Plant a couple small foliage plants together in one container to create a mini garden.This display includes Asplenium nidum (Bird’s Nest Fern), Codiaeum variegatum ‘Pictum’ (Garden Croton) and Begonia sp. If you are adventurous add some natural decorations like feathers, branches or pebbles to give it a unique look. Remember DO NOT OVERWATER. The soil should dry out between waterings. Stick your finger an inch into the soil to feel the moisture level. If…

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Water Feature build

All Andrew's Plants

For the past couple of years the only real focal point in the garden (beyond the plants anyway) has been a birdbath.

Well, those are great an all but it could be a little bit more interesting. Maybe a bit dynamic, something with movement, sound, or anything else to spice up my yard. Then I also bought some Papyrus just because it was 80% off. I needed a pond, but it had to be small. Pondless, condo rules won’t allow anything that could become a drowning hazard, big enough for some plants, and with enough water movement to make a decent amount of sound but without too much splashing, I don’t want to be refilling it constantly.

After looking at my options I decided on something fully contained in, well, a container. Something like a shallow bowl, roughly 2’x2′. Ended up finding a pretty much perfect fiberglass container, no drainage…

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Episcia ‘Jim’s Patches’ in Semi-Hydro

All Andrew's Plants

We’ve traditionally had problems meeting the consistent moisture demands of Episcia, especially the hybrids with pink in their leaves (‘Pink Panther’ and ‘Unpredictable Valley’ being two that have died as a result). The problem is that they are awesome, and I want to grow them. Semi-Hydro seemed like a good method to try, so when I got a cutting of ‘Jim’s Patches’ in mid December I figured it would be the perfect time to try it out.

Episcia 'Jim's Patches'
December 12, 2010

Episcia 'Jim's Patches' - Full Plant
February 13, 2011 (that’s a 5″ orchid pot for reference)

Episcia 'Jim's Patches' - New Growth
You can see how quickly salts and minerals can build up in SH – very important to have a way to flush the media regularly.

Episcia 'Jim's Patches' - Stolons
My original cutting is now a grandparent. I’ll warp the stolons around the pot for the first little bit to keep it looking bushy.

Episcia 'Jim's Patches' - Roots
The roots growing down below the waterline have no problems at…

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Trying Something New in the Miniature Garden

Click here to contact SoundEagle (Web Administrator and Designer)SoundEagle says: Thank you, Janit. I can’t agree with you more on those issues. Sometimes we just have to admit defeat as there can be circumstances and factors beyond our control or expectation. For example, I have had to give up trying to grow cyclamen, heuchera, certain succulents, Thuja Reingold and some miniature ornamental conifers as they invariably suffer from irreversible decline during and after the humidity and heat of subtropical summer. 😦

The Mini Garden Guru

Trying Something New in the Miniature Garden

“My plant is turning brown and getting leggy, it was fine before
I got hold of it, what am I doing wrong?”

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out learning to garden, or if you’ve been gardening for twenty years, some plants can be tricky to learn how to grow. In our Miniature Garden Center, we normally test each plant for resilience, which is why you won’t see much changes in our core inventory of true miniature trees, shrubs and bedding plants.

We have a customer that buys 5 or 6 of each plant, knowing that she will lose a couple of them while learning what the plant Miniature Gardening with TwoGreenThumbs.comneeds. “One will die right away because I’ll try to grow it in the wrong place… “ She was quite funny and surprisingly quite serious. This is indeed extreme. The garden maxim, “Right…

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