Pumpkin Containers



Add some autumn decor to your porch or deck in time for Halloween and Thanksgiving celebrations by using pumpkins as containers. That’s right – pumpkins.

This quick weekend project makes for an eye-catching Thanksgiving centrepiece, adornment for your front entrance, or a hostess gift. Get your kids and grandkids involved to create their own pumpkin planter this weekend!

Instead of planting fall perennials into containers made of terra cotta or plastic, choose pumpkins. You can one large pumpkin or an assortment of smaller odd-shaped pumpkins.

Whether you are planting kale, ornamental cabbage, mums or pansies, pumpkins make colourful containers. You can plant the pumpkin container directly into a planting bed. When pumpkin will decompose in the soil, you’ll have great compost in the springtime!

What You Will Need
– Potting Soil
– Knife
– Coffee Filter

How to Create a Pumpkin Planter
Cut off the top 1/3 and scoop…

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