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Miniature conifers inspire big imaginations

The Amazing World of Conifers

I believe that my love of miniature gardening began in the late 1960s or early ’70s. Terrariums were reemerging as a popular and low-care way to enjoy houseplants. I checked out several books on the subject from the local library, some of which included lists of where plants and supplies could be obtained through the mail. I ordered a few catalogs and a whole new world of plants was revealed to me.

I remember planting my first terrarium, with its multi-layered soil which included fine crushed rock for drainage and horticultural or activated charcoal to keep the soil “sweet.” My desire was to create a self-contained miniature world in a bottle. I found that the empty, clear glass gallon jugs, that were readily available near the dumpsters of the local drinking establishment, worked quite well as the vessels for my new experiments.

When my first planting was complete, I found great…

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Wordless Wednesday: Why Conifers Make Great Mini Garden Trees

The Mini Garden Guru

Why Do Conifers Make Great Mini Garden Trees?

~ Why do our true miniature and dwarf trees and shrubs make such great miniature garden trees? Well, let me count the ways!

  • Our miniature garden conifers get better and better with age. The trunks thicken, the branches reach out and a they become “big” mini garden trees.
  • There is something for every spot. Some are super hardy. Some are really tolerant of dry conditions and others are happiest in shade.
  • They are evergreen! A lot of them will change color in the winter for year-round interest.
  • They are low maintenance. Water in the dry months to maintain wrung-sponge-damp soil.
  • They grow into bonsai specimens on their own.
  • They grow slowly and can stay in scale in your miniature garden for years.

Enjoy this photo blog of some before and after shots. All the trees you see in here are still in our miniature…

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