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Potted Garden

A “Potted Garden” grown in a shallow brown saucer elevated by a black pot and a white barrel.

Celebrating 2014 Mother’s Day with Queensland Orchid Society | ✿❀ Queensland Orchid Society ❀✿

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A Living Centerpiece

Forest Garden

December 11 arrangement 019


Early December is often spent sprucing up our inside spaces for the holidays.  Not only do we spend more time indoors, but many of us will have family, friends, and house guests visiting this month and next.  We clean up, freshen up, and bring out our Christmas decorations in anticipation.



I love to have a beautiful holiday centerpiece on the dining room table, because that is where we gather with friends with our cups of tea or coffee.   A beautiful centerpiece brings a smile and lightens the spirit even when it is just us enjoying it.

This year I found a beautiful bowl I wanted to use as the base for a living floral design.   Living, so there are no dropping needles or berries  from cut greens to clean up late in the month.  I hope this looks even better in February and March than it does…

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Violas For Winter Blooms

Forest Garden

October 4 shopping 016Violas are finally here, ready to plant in our pots and beds to enjoy all winter.  Even as we watch weather reports of 20+ inches of snow falling in early winter storm Atlas over six states in the upper mid-west of the US, I’m planning our winter flower garden.

Violas, a huge genus of between 500 and 600 species, love cool weather.  The perennial Viola odorata is a naturalized wildflower in our garden.   These small, edible flowers begin blooming in early spring and continue until the weather warms.  These are different from the Viola cultivars showing up in garden centers now.

Sometimes called pansies, Viola cultivars bring welcome color to winter days.  Pansies are the large flowered members of this beautiful group of winter bedding plant.  Violas, the smaller flowered selections; and Panolas, new in-between hybrids; are somewhat tougher and more cold hardy.  While pansies may take…

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Beauty of Foliage

Forest Garden


Consider how beautiful foliage can be;  whether the brightly veined leaves of a Caladium, the dark ruffled leaves of AnglewingBegonia, or the velvety leaves of Coleus.



All of the these plants produce flowers, but the flowers aren’t the main event.  These plants produce bright, beautiful stems and leaves month after month.



Many people head to the garden center looking for flowers to plant in their gardens.  This is fine, but flowers are only a tiny aspect of what makes a garden beautiful.

Flowers open and fade- sometimes very quickly.  Many flowers last only a day.  Many perennials flower for a week or so, and then are finished until “same time, next year.”



Although perennial  flowers are often followed by interesting seedpods, somehow it isn’t the same.  Annuals give a longer season of bloom, but again are unreliable. …

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Glorious Orchid Specimens in 2013 Spring Show Competition

✿❀ Queensland Orchid International ❀✿

The Spring Show Has Begun in Earnest on 13th September!

The Queensland Orchid Society would like to welcome all of you to the show, and to hope that those who attended have had a pleasant time enjoying the opportunity to exhibit, view, learn about, sell or buy quality orchid specimens.

The following photos are a gift to SoundEagle from the friendly and generous Kerri Roland, a first-day visitor who admired and photographed the specimens in the afternoon with her new camera NIKON D5100. Kerri’s enthusiasm and appreciation of floral beauty are undeniable and admirable. We would like to thank Kerri for her visiting the show and sharing the photos, and we hope to see her at future meetings and shows.

Please note that each of the image files has subsequently undergone file size reduction, image enhancement (optimization) and labelling for the purpose of web presentation as follows.


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✿❀ Queensland Orchid Society ❀✿

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As such, the styles and contents of this website reveal in varying degrees certain…

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