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A Living Centerpiece

Forest Garden

December 11 arrangement 019


Early December is often spent sprucing up our inside spaces for the holidays.  Not only do we spend more time indoors, but many of us will have family, friends, and house guests visiting this month and next.  We clean up, freshen up, and bring out our Christmas decorations in anticipation.



I love to have a beautiful holiday centerpiece on the dining room table, because that is where we gather with friends with our cups of tea or coffee.   A beautiful centerpiece brings a smile and lightens the spirit even when it is just us enjoying it.

This year I found a beautiful bowl I wanted to use as the base for a living floral design.   Living, so there are no dropping needles or berries  from cut greens to clean up late in the month.  I hope this looks even better in February and March than it does…

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My Week without Television

Drops of Magic

Okay, I did it. I hid my remote and pulled the cord on my TV for a week. This is my diary of the unplugged experience:

Day one: I spent the afternoon on a long hike with a bunch of friends. Then came home, drank wine and emailed people on facebook. Barely noticed that I hadn’t turned on the tv all day.

Day two: I had a glorious beach day with a friend and our dogs. I did at times think longingly about my favourite shows. When I told my pal I was giving up tv for a week she asked if I was crazy. Yes, maybe… I spent the evening on the sofa, hugging my dog, staring into space and compulsively playing old cds. Did not feel good.

Day Three: Home from the office and I almost picked up and turned on the remote. Decided to tuck it away in the back…

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Fit with Fittonia.




Fittonia is a lovely plant with delicately veined, deep green leaves. Although the most popular vein color is silvery white, you can also readily find fittonia with veins in pink, white, and green. They are available as trailing houseplants or low-growing creepers that are perfectly fit for terrariums or bottle gardens. As beautiful as they are, fittonia are difficult to raise as conventional houseplants; they require very high, constant humidity (typical to a terrarium), but cannot stand stagnant conditions. Fittonia also dislike strong, direct sunlight and will quickly suffer from burn.

Keeping your Fittonia Fit ;

Light: Indirect or dappled sunlight. They also thrive under fluorescent lights. Don’t expose to full sunlight.

Water: Plants should be kept constantly moist, with high ambient humidity. Mist frequently or grow in a tray with pebbles and water.

Temperature: Average (around 70ºF). They can tolerate temperatures down to the mid-60s or into…

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Orchid Design Inspiration


Orchids come in such great varieties so there’s always an Orchid that you like. The Phalaenopsis orchid for example has a family of 60 members . The Phalaneopsis orchid is also the most popular one.

One of my favorites is the Blue Vanda-orchid ( Vanda coerulea ) even as a cut-flower you can enjoy the Vanda-orchid for weeks. The Cymbidium orchids have a rich velvet look and are also available in many colors and even in different flower-sizes.

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Living in a Jungle at Home.


The “Elok House” is a real Plant-home , it’s not just an interior-plant that makes the trick but in this home a complete jungle or forest makes the difference.


With more plants and trees than you can shake a stick at, each room has a combination of green growth that goes beyond simple decorative houseplants or a small semi-interior tree. The greenery blurs boundaries between indoor and outside areas, while the combination of warm wood and cold concrete, steel and glass suggests a hybrid of natural and man-made throughout.




The Elok House is a design from Chang Architects 

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Spirited Cyclamen-Indoor-plant of the month.


Every month the Houseplant of the Month appears here. It may be a newcomer , an old favourite or a special plant with unexpected qualities. But they all have one thing in common: they make life just that bit more beautiful.

Houseplant of the Month for November: the Cyclamen
Nothing can cheer you up quite like the spirited Cyclamen. With his cheerful colours and innocent demeanour he is your best friend in dark days. But that’s not all: the Cyclamen also improves the humidity in your home. He’s a real household friend.

Helping you through the winter in comfort
The Cyclamen has its origins in Asia, but it also grows in the Mediterranean region. The plant grows on dry soil, shaded from the sun. Its red, pink or white variegated flowers form a striking contrast to its elegant, white marbled leaves. The flowers rise out of the heart of the…

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