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Season Greetings from SoundEagle: Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Joyful Holiday

Poinsettia and Phalaenopsis

Click here to contact SoundEagle (Web Administrator and Designer)SoundEagle says: I would like to share the following poem with all followers and members of the Potted Plant Society.

I have a list of folks I know all written in a book,
And every year at Christmas time I go and take a look.
And that is when I realize that these names are of a part,
Not of the book in which they’re written, but of my very heart.

Each name denotes someone who has crossed my path sometime,
And in that meeting they’ve become the rhythm of the rhyme.
And while it sounds fantastic of me to make this claim,
I really feel that I’m composed of each remembered name.

And while you may not be aware of any special link,
Just meeting you has shaped my life more than you can think.
For once you’ve met somebody, those years they can’t erase,
The memories of a pleasant word or of a friendly face.

So never think that my Christmas greeting is just a mere routine,
Of names upon a Christmas list forgotten in between.
For when I send a Christmas greeting that is addressed to you,
It’s because you’re on that list of folks whom I am indebted to.

For I’m but a total of the many ones I’ve met,
And you happen to be one of those I prefer not to forget.
And whether I’ve known you for many years or few,
In some way you had a part in shaping things I do.

So every year when Christmas comes, I realize anew,
The biggest gift that life can give is meeting someone like you.
And may the spirit of Christmas that forever and ever endures,
Leave its richest blessings in the heart of you and yours.

Author is unknown or contested, and many variations and adaptations exist.

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Myth Buster 9: Bonsai Plants are Auspicious

Sana Ako si Ricky Lee!

A few years back a cousin requested for my help because he was encountering some financial difficulty. While his situation is not yet critical, his financial growth became stagnant. This is worrisome because the projected financial growth of his business is not meeting its expectations. He is also especially worried because he was relatively newly married (about a year) at that time and his wife was pregnant with their first baby. So the stress that he must be feeling is quite expected.

My cousin has always followed Feng Shui and I know that he has good business acumen. On top of that, his wife, before they got married, was base in Japan as a financial consultant and from what I know she is also shrewd when it comes to business. So I really wondered what could be wrong.

I did the Feng Shui of the house and office of my…

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Bonsai Video Link

Bonsai Eejit

This has been shared on Facebook and YouTube!! It’s about 10 years old and is an interesting watch. Shinji Suzuki is the main focus of the video, a fantastic bonsai Artist.

I wondered about it being up on youtube, but after a quick internet search, it seems to be readily available to download free on the net via ebooks and many other sources.

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a living gift

Bruce Fong's Blog

No one told me to do it.  It wasn’t even in my job description.  But, there is something about investing in people who are innate in what my calling is in life.

I seek out men who are going to “show up” when they are supposed to.  They are kind of guys who are dependable.  Their word is their bond.

Responsibility, priorities and obligations are a part of their identity.  Convenience isn’t their motto.  Loyalty and faithfulness are.

Men who take seriously the role of just “showing up” are the kind of men that are on my list.  Title or office are not the same as showing up.  Rather, influence and example are.

Service is another feature that stands in the lives of men that I seek out.  These men give to others. Often you find men who are looking for a perk for themselves.  Overly concerned about losing something or feeling obligated or…

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Farmer Merry

Merry Farmer

I swore at the beginning of this spring, when the weather started getting warmer and I could venture out onto my balcony, that I would not torture any plants this summer by attempting to grow them.  That’s what I said at least.

I do not have a green thumb.  I didn’t get those genes.  Sure, they run in the family.  I grew up at my grandparents’ house and my Grandad has a magnificent garden.  My aunt maintains that garden now and it’s a sight to see.  But when I was growing up in that house gardening was my punishment.  When I did something bad (which, granted, wasn’t all that often) I was told to go outside and weed the garden.  I hated weeding then and I still do now.

My brother, on the other hand, did inherit the gardening genes.  He too has a balcony attached to his apartment and…

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Potted Plant or Predator?

Click here to contact SoundEagle (Web Administrator and Designer)SoundEagle says: Potted Plant or Predator? Well, many of those from the Potted Plant Society would definitely prefer Annie to settle for the former, as a well potted Aloe Vera, prickly outside but soothing inside.

The potted plant

Click here to contact SoundEagle (Web Administrator and Designer)SoundEagle says: A good yarn in which the potted plant is someone’s saving grace and “the only reason [the person] survived”.

Old Blog that's still up because people apparently need to know about Peruvian men and backpacking (in that order)

A few weeks ago I found myself having to move without having a very definite place to move to. This was a problem.

My saving angel came in the form of a friend’s family member who invited me to come live with her. So now I have my own room with my own bathroom in a gorgeous flat in a great neighbourhood and a lovely flatmate for less money than the crappiest hostel imaginable and I have been so lucky and feel so grateful… Something just had to go wrong.

My flatmate, a hard working female electrical engineer, loves one thing above all else: her plants. She has huge, beautiful potted plants all over the flat. I’m sure you already know what happened.

You know that sensation when you knock something flying and time slows down just enough for you to see it fall in slow motion but not…

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