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What’s Glass and Dirt and Awesome?


Our local garden store extraordinaire, Terrain, offers terrarium classes on Thursday nights.  Everyone loves a good terrarium (right?), so I thought why not check it out and take full advantage of these suburban offerings. My friend met me there so this was also a nice chance just to visit with her and chat about things other than where to put Curious George down for a nap and what are our choices for snack.

There were light refreshments and a glass of wine when we arrived- always a nice way to start anything in my opinion- and the workshop sign alone made me want to make something pretty.

For those of you who don’t know Terrain, it’s like a treasure trove of fun ideas and simple beauty. Aside from the lush greenery on every surface, there is an eclectic and found quality to the design and installations.  In other words…

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Gardening Asylum South: Obsession and Refuge in North Carolina

Taiwanese Flower Market Video

Bonsai Eejit

Thought I would share this here. Not the usual sort of video I would share but I found it fascinating to see what’s on offer in a different country. A great explanation from the video taker about what he’s seeing helps too. The older lady must be a relative, either that or he’s being stalked through the market 🙂

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Container Gardening Part II: Shopping Guidelines

In and Around the Garden

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InContainer Gardening Part I: Available Choices, I shared the types of pots offered. Here are some helpful tips to consider before you go shopping:

Size:  Roots need air circulation and plenty of soil for adequate root growth. Annuals don’t need as much soil as perennials but all plants need plenty of oxygen. Vigorous growers require repotting more often but don’t overwhelm plants in a huge pot. It will look unbalanced. A reputable nursery person can help you pick the right size for your plants.

Drainage:  All planters must have drainage holes. Even if you are putting a potted plant with holes inside a decorative planter don’t let it sit in the accumulated water at the bottom. Place an inch of gravel at the bottom of the decorative planter so the inserted pot sits above the water. Empty the water as needed.

Weight:  Consider the heaviness. Do…

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An excursion to the garden center

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And here is yet another eons-old post which I never published due to not having any pictures uploaded. This one I originally wrote on June 4th. (Which means the actual trip to the garden center was in mid-May.) Enjoy!


On Monday two weeks ago I finally made it to the garden store to buy flowers for the balcony. I know this is really nerdy and lame, but I LOVE visiting garden centers, even just to look. It was always one of my favorite activities to do with my mom, and sometimes back when I was living in Paderborn I would just ride my bike over to the closest garden center and explore all of their beautiful displays.

In our new apartment we also happen to have a wonderful long balcony which was woefully void of all plant life, and ever since January I have been longing for the day…

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