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Beautiful Exteriors: The Patio

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I have a shared backyard at my apartment complex, but dream of an outside space that could be designed anyway I like….below are some fun and creative ideas I’ve found to share.

Starting with a small apartment balcony or deck I love this image of a cute garden bench and how cozy yet tidy it is.

Another good use of space is this wall garden. Colorful and modern, its a great idea if you want to grow plants, and have no floor space for them.

This patio furniture looks really comfy and the plants double as a privacy screen.

Loving the color scheme for this medium sized patio setup as well as the hanging lanterns. It must be so pretty at night too.

This patio is big enough to accommodate larger planter boxes for a a lovely kitchen garden. 

Can’t beat the view, but the shade structure over the deck is very sleek…

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Backyard Blitz – Vol.1

Afternoon DLite

Remember before how I was very keen to revolutionise the garden from a parking lot concrete slap into something I would like to sit in?,  well phase one of this massive undertaking includes getting some potted plants for the “seating area”,  or basically,  the area that has poured concrete (awful), in my vain attempt to turn a sows ear into a silk purse.

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Backyard Blitz – Vol 2.

Afternoon DLite

As you all know I am hoping to revolutionize my backyard, and transform a concrete slab into something a little more welcoming. In my last Backyard Blitz blog post I wondered what to do with a battered old crate Dave had picked up at a local garden centre. One evening when I came home from work, I was delighted to see that Dave had planted our very own herb garden!

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Backyard Blitz vol.3

Afternoon DLite

So it’s been a while since I have reported on my progress with my backyard. I know it’s June so technically the garden should be in full bloom. It is, bar from a few lazy hydrangeas that are just about making an appearance, young buds promising a great colour bloom of white and purple that will certainly uplift my little garden.

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