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Pumpkin Containers



Add some autumn decor to your porch or deck in time for Halloween and Thanksgiving celebrations by using pumpkins as containers. That’s right – pumpkins.

This quick weekend project makes for an eye-catching Thanksgiving centrepiece, adornment for your front entrance, or a hostess gift. Get your kids and grandkids involved to create their own pumpkin planter this weekend!

Instead of planting fall perennials into containers made of terra cotta or plastic, choose pumpkins. You can one large pumpkin or an assortment of smaller odd-shaped pumpkins.

Whether you are planting kale, ornamental cabbage, mums or pansies, pumpkins make colourful containers. You can plant the pumpkin container directly into a planting bed. When pumpkin will decompose in the soil, you’ll have great compost in the springtime!

What You Will Need
– Potting Soil
– Knife
– Coffee Filter

How to Create a Pumpkin Planter
Cut off the top 1/3 and scoop…

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autumn in Tokyo

tomatoes and jasmine

Autumn has finally arrived in Tokyo!
It is now getting quite chilly (20 – 25 degrees C), and it is quite hard to imagine that it was still very summery hot just a little over a week ago.

The garden is doing well despite the change in weather, less sun and many bouts of “guerilla rain” (sudden and fierce downpours)! Some of the petunias flowers were destroyed by the guerilla rain, but they grow back new flowers to compensate fast enough.

The flowering Chinese chives look so delicate yet so strong! Look at the way the stalks defy gravity.

The cosmos and the calibrachoa are growing nicely together in my painted plastic planter. The calibrachoa never flowered until it was moved into the large planter, which tells how much space matters to plant health.

I love this time of the year. The air is a little cold and sweet, it…

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Evergreen Herb — Self-Watering Planter


Evergreen Herb -- Self-Watering Planter by Marita Lord of Cult Design

This self-watering planter comes from Cult Design‘s new collection. It consists of two terracotta containers and felt strips, which keep herbs fresher than their store-bought pots. Thanks to the porous feature of the material, the planter also acts as a small humidifier. Design by Marita Lord.

Evergreen Herb — Self-Watering Planter, Small, $29.95;
Evergreen Herb — Self-Watering Planter, Large, $39.95

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A Terra Cotta..Grill?

Workplace Resource Florida

Summer is unfortunately winding down, and for those of you who don’t live in a year-round warm climate, you face the annual decision of what to do with your barbecue grill. If you’ve got a nice, expensive setup its a no-brainer to buy a grill cover and/or store it in your garage. If your grill is nearing the end of its lifespan, or its a “cheapy” then you can just pitch it, no biggie. If your grill doubles terra cotta planter then you can put a plant in it.
Yes, you read that correctly. The Hot Pot by Black+Blum is a terra cotta planter, that is also a grill.

Whoever thought of this idea certainly came up with an awesome one. While you probably can’t fit a feast on the grilling surface of the Hot Pot, but it’s definitely just an overall cool idea. I wish we would have heard…

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The Edible Greenhouse.


This edible greenhouse is a design of two dutch artists Marijke Bruinsma from ‘ de stuurlui.nl ‘ and Arjen de Groot from ‘ studio gras ‘.The idea behind this portable food-garden is to seduce people to grow their own food at home to a wall.

The ‘ Eet mij ‘ ( Eat me ) garden consist of plain plastic crates used in the Agriculture industry to harvest in combination of a scaffold system.With this system vertical green becomes accessible  for everyone!.

The ‘eet mij ‘ garden has a temporary character and can be rebuild on a different spot next year using the same materials.

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Gardening in the city is populair,more and more citizens realize how important green can be for your environment and your own well-being.

It’s a good feeling to have yourself surrounded with living green,plants are fun to grow and to look at. And don’t forget how important your little garden can be for the Bio-diversity . Limited space can be a problem for Urban-gardeners but must be seen as a challenge,Urban-Gardeners are famous for their space-solutions. Aquaponics and Window-farming are breeding-methods wich are great to grow on limited space and can help you to grow food, and with Aquaponics it’s surprising how quickly the crop grows.In the U.S city-gardening is much more common comparing with Europe.In my opinion Detroit must be the World Capital of Urban-farming and New York World Capital of Roof-Gardens.Urban=Gardening and everything with it shall be a great part of this weblog.Here are just some ideas.


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