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How To Make Your Own Hanging Flower Basket


Vicky Plant-Lamp


Earlier in Flora.Focus i published an article about a similar  Dutch design with the combination lamp/plants.(read article). This design has also a Dutch touch to it,artist Jose de la O is the designer of the”Vicky Lamp” and spent the last four years of his designers-life in the Netherlands. Thanks to Vicky lamp you can enjoy planting small edibles or simply enjoy nature on places which lack natural light.

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Gardening in the city is populair,more and more citizens realize how important green can be for your environment and your own well-being.

It’s a good feeling to have yourself surrounded with living green,plants are fun to grow and to look at. And don’t forget how important your little garden can be for the Bio-diversity . Limited space can be a problem for Urban-gardeners but must be seen as a challenge,Urban-Gardeners are famous for their space-solutions. Aquaponics and Window-farming are breeding-methods wich are great to grow on limited space and can help you to grow food, and with Aquaponics it’s surprising how quickly the crop grows.In the U.S city-gardening is much more common comparing with Europe.In my opinion Detroit must be the World Capital of Urban-farming and New York World Capital of Roof-Gardens.Urban=Gardening and everything with it shall be a great part of this weblog.Here are just some ideas.


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Vertical gardens for every city home

Easy Peasy Life ... in the city

With these creative urban gardening ideas, you won’t need a backyard to enjoy a bit of garden bloom. Check out how other city slickers get their dose of spring blossoms and fresh herbs straight from their balcony, window sill, bare walls and other nook and crannies in their little city abode.

window sill garden

Plastic bottle window sill garden by The Winged Palate

Vertical pocket herb garden by Urban Garden Casual

hanging urban garden

Hanging urban garden by Shoebox Dwelling

window farm

Window farm as featured on Gizmag.com

tin can wall

Tin can wall inspiration by Flores Del Sol

indoor tin can gardens

Indoor tin can gardens by Architects for Life

Modern balcony planter idea

Modern balcony planter idea

Have you tried any of these in  your own little city abode? Which one appeals to you the most?

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