Ideas and Inspiration for a Modern Vegetable Garden


We recently posted about Getting Rid of Your Lawn and Xeriscaping, which are definitely bigger projects.  We strive to offer ideas that are appropriate for all types of farms. And inspiration can sometimes be daunting to make a reality.  In this post, we’ll offer up some tips and ideas to get you started and hopefully make your garden transformation quick and easy.

When starting a modern urban garden, you need to first do an assessment and determine the best methods of gardening you can manage given your lifestyle, space, desired vegetable output and amount of sun.  For example, if you aren’t home often or you travel frequently, you need a consistent method to water your garden.  If you have a patio or a simple window box, you may want to consider container gardening.  For most vegetable gardens you need as much sun as possible throughout the day.  8-12 hours…

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