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Weekend Project: Container Gardening

lazar landscape

Looking for a quick weekend project to spruce up your patio, deck or even you front porch? Container gardening is a great, easy project to do just that. Whether you are sprucing up some pots you already have, planning to buy new containers or creating a specific container garden, you will be pleased with your results.

Have some boring clay pots? Add some interest by sprucing up your old pots with paint! Spray paint can be used on clay pots; even plastics can now be painted with spray paint. Think about creating a design on your pot, use painters’ tape to create color blocking details or stripes. When purchasing new pots you can be a little adventurous with color depending on the selection available to you. One thing to consider when deciding on container colors is the plants you are going to plant. Make sure the plants and the pots…

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Flower Power Update!

Click here to contact SoundEagle (Web Administrator and Designer)SoundEagle says: This post presents an update on the extra lush growth observable on the same but younger potted plants shown in the post entitled “Container Gardening” a single season earlier.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

the well promise

We’re currently living in a rental townhome with no yard, which is deeply saddening when you have a strong desire for a vegetable garden. Making the best of things, we set up some pots on the deck and filled them with our favorite herbs, tomatoes, and peppers. We’ve been doing this for a couple years and are still learning new things, like what size pots are right for each plant.
I’m not the greatest at starting from seed (what’s the opposite of a green thumb?) so I always make sure to buy healthy plants that have already started to mature. I’ve found things I’m good at (thyme, mint, peppers) and things I’m not so good at (cilantro, tomatoes, dill). I always have a few in between things that still need some work like basil (something keeps eating it) and parsley (it doesn’t seem to like extreme heat).

We constantly experiment with…

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Better Late Than Never



Summer 2011 is so late this year…. but better late than never!
The sunflowers, dahlias and individual colorful array is happening all around here in Palo Alto now end of August…..
Much to enjoy and fun every new day to see what is arriving.
Dahlias are blooming —yet still a few more to come into bloom.

Frequently visiting are Bees, Butterflies, Hummingbirds, and birds of all sizes galore!!

Oh it is delightful to sit on the covered porch couch and watch the activities these busy flying creatures.

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This Year’s Garden

Kath's Kitchen Sync

As summer heats up, I’ve fallen behind on my food blogging; so I thought I would share with you why… the garden. Bryan, the kids, the dog, and I occupy a small, but what I like to think of as quaint, home on a postage stamp sized lot in a suburban community of Detroit Michigan which I often refer to as “Mayberry.” We’ve worked hard to try to transform what was once a somewhat barren (other than being ridden with lemon balm and mint) yard. When I moved to the house (pre-Bryan), the back porch was enclosed with aluminum walls and outdated windows. The floor was painted an obnoxious bright blue (they missed the mark if they were going for the U. of M. look). At first I thought it would be a good game room for the kids and me, but as summer approached, it occurred to me that…

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Guest Garden #2


I stayed with my friend AJ last night and took a few pictures of her garden this sunny Thursday morning. It is an L-shaped established garden with a large lawned area and bordered by a sweeping hedge. When she moved in it had a decrepit pond far beyond repair so it was filled in and made into a paved patio area with bistro style table and chairs. The maintenance of the whole garden is a bit much when you have little free time so she has made up some beautiful containers with herbs, lavender, perennials and bedding plants for the summer. The birds are happy with their two water baths and bird table. I don’t have any roses but she has a number of well established shrubs inherited by the previous owners and they are looking good today. A great garden for one with so little time to garden!













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Enclosed Petite Patio Porch


Sharing the latest installation of Inviting Spaces By Kim this two half day transformation. We worked on this small patio off the family room of this Stanford, CA condominium with the clients 4 new Craigslist containers! Such lively colors to work with and from the condominium next door easily can enjoy a view as they come and go from their second floor spot! This is a definite passerby very friendly new addition to the neighborhood of a neighborhood friendly corner in multi-dwelling living.

The existing drip line irrigation for the succulents and drought tolerant plants will keep watering on timer. A simple solution to watering these new plantings. For many happy returns in their new spaces for many seasons to come.

My client Amy shared “Kim, I added a reading chair to the front porch since I suddenly have this urge to spend more time out there — thanks to…

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