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eBay Violets

The Green Thumb 2.0

You can get anything on eBay. I’ve been using the site for years and have recently expanded my eBay experience. Last summer I ordered some iris rhizomes from a grower in Indiana and they were better than anything I could have bought locally. Yesterday I received something else from eBay – african violet leaves.

I’ve been growing african violets for a long time but all of the plants that I have are generic plants that I’ve acquired from garden stores. While I have a nice assortment of plants, I wanted to start growing some named violet varieties. You can order small plants from a number of internet sites but eBay offers a large selection of african violet leaves at a much better price. While it takes a little time, propagating a violet leaf is very easy, so I decided to place an order.

When I opened the box I was surprised…

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African Violets – eBay Updates, Repotting and Offsets

The Green Thumb 2.0

The vegetable garden is planted, the flower beds are growing and the rain is falling. It’s good day to spend some time with the african violets.

I noticed that one of the eBay violets has a small plantlet emerging from the potting mix. I planted them in early March so it’s a two or more month process to go from a leaf to a plant. Now how long it’ll take this tiny plant to bloom is something only time will tell – I’m thinking late fall or early winter.

I’ve been reading about violet care on two sites: Optimara www.optimara.com and the Violet Barn www.violetbarn.com. Both provide great information on growing african violets. I’ve been growing violets for years but after checking these sites, I realized that while I thought I was repotting my plants, the fact is that I’ve never repotted a plant in my life; I’ve alway up-potted. When…

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