Beauty of Foliage

Forest Garden


Consider how beautiful foliage can be;  whether the brightly veined leaves of a Caladium, the dark ruffled leaves of AnglewingBegonia, or the velvety leaves of Coleus.



All of the these plants produce flowers, but the flowers aren’t the main event.  These plants produce bright, beautiful stems and leaves month after month.



Many people head to the garden center looking for flowers to plant in their gardens.  This is fine, but flowers are only a tiny aspect of what makes a garden beautiful.

Flowers open and fade- sometimes very quickly.  Many flowers last only a day.  Many perennials flower for a week or so, and then are finished until “same time, next year.”



Although perennial  flowers are often followed by interesting seedpods, somehow it isn’t the same.  Annuals give a longer season of bloom, but again are unreliable. …

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