autumn in Tokyo

tomatoes and jasmine

Autumn has finally arrived in Tokyo!
It is now getting quite chilly (20 – 25 degrees C), and it is quite hard to imagine that it was still very summery hot just a little over a week ago.

The garden is doing well despite the change in weather, less sun and many bouts of “guerilla rain” (sudden and fierce downpours)! Some of the petunias flowers were destroyed by the guerilla rain, but they grow back new flowers to compensate fast enough.

The flowering Chinese chives look so delicate yet so strong! Look at the way the stalks defy gravity.

The cosmos and the calibrachoa are growing nicely together in my painted plastic planter. The calibrachoa never flowered until it was moved into the large planter, which tells how much space matters to plant health.

I love this time of the year. The air is a little cold and sweet, it…

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