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How To Make Your Own Balcony Garden


Floral Art Innovations: Balcony, Terrace, Verandah or Roof

Front Porch

The Travessa Vertical Garden Home.


This house build in 2012 has great plant-features , the first great green wall is the front of this Residential Single Family House. The green walls are perfect for the climate-control of the house, in the summer they absorb sunlight and keep the house cool.The spaces in this Box-house are all connected by one staircase .

The owner about his house ; “From a small lot with it’s unique implantation, this project has raised early on a couple of challenges… and along with them, ideas emerged.”

This courtyard is the heart of the house, bringing light to the interior, enhancing the main entrance and creating a real exterior/interior relationship. In terms of material, we chose to polish the rectangular form and give the block the face of a tree, making it one more element of the square, which resulted together with the existing tree and water fountain, in a triad.

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