Water Feature build

All Andrew's Plants

For the past couple of years the only real focal point in the garden (beyond the plants anyway) has been a birdbath.

Well, those are great an all but it could be a little bit more interesting. Maybe a bit dynamic, something with movement, sound, or anything else to spice up my yard. Then I also bought some Papyrus just because it was 80% off. I needed a pond, but it had to be small. Pondless, condo rules won’t allow anything that could become a drowning hazard, big enough for some plants, and with enough water movement to make a decent amount of sound but without too much splashing, I don’t want to be refilling it constantly.

After looking at my options I decided on something fully contained in, well, a container. Something like a shallow bowl, roughly 2’x2′. Ended up finding a pretty much perfect fiberglass container, no drainage…

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