Episcia ‘Jim’s Patches’ in Semi-Hydro

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We’ve traditionally had problems meeting the consistent moisture demands of Episcia, especially the hybrids with pink in their leaves (‘Pink Panther’ and ‘Unpredictable Valley’ being two that have died as a result). The problem is that they are awesome, and I want to grow them. Semi-Hydro seemed like a good method to try, so when I got a cutting of ‘Jim’s Patches’ in mid December I figured it would be the perfect time to try it out.

Episcia 'Jim's Patches'
December 12, 2010

Episcia 'Jim's Patches' - Full Plant
February 13, 2011 (that’s a 5″ orchid pot for reference)

Episcia 'Jim's Patches' - New Growth
You can see how quickly salts and minerals can build up in SH – very important to have a way to flush the media regularly.

Episcia 'Jim's Patches' - Stolons
My original cutting is now a grandparent. I’ll warp the stolons around the pot for the first little bit to keep it looking bushy.

Episcia 'Jim's Patches' - Roots
The roots growing down below the waterline have no problems at…

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