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Pumpkin Containers



Add some autumn decor to your porch or deck in time for Halloween and Thanksgiving celebrations by using pumpkins as containers. That’s right – pumpkins.

This quick weekend project makes for an eye-catching Thanksgiving centrepiece, adornment for your front entrance, or a hostess gift. Get your kids and grandkids involved to create their own pumpkin planter this weekend!

Instead of planting fall perennials into containers made of terra cotta or plastic, choose pumpkins. You can one large pumpkin or an assortment of smaller odd-shaped pumpkins.

Whether you are planting kale, ornamental cabbage, mums or pansies, pumpkins make colourful containers. You can plant the pumpkin container directly into a planting bed. When pumpkin will decompose in the soil, you’ll have great compost in the springtime!

What You Will Need
– Potting Soil
– Knife
– Coffee Filter

How to Create a Pumpkin Planter
Cut off the top 1/3 and scoop…

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Succulent Garden Extravaganza

lazar landscape

Our design department field trip to the Succulent Garden Extravaganza was super fun. The folks over at Succulent Gardens put on a real nice shindig. We enjoyed the presentations, our fellow succulent lovers, and good barbecue – and we all came back with lots of new plants for our gardens. Here’s a collage of some of our favorites from the day. Stay tuned to the next “The Delinquent Gardener” for garden photos.

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My Orchids Tie One On


Here’s my latest creation and invention. My friend Joe owns the best Italian restaurant ever called Roma Ristorante. Joe asked for some flowers for his bar so I picked up these stunning orchids and two glass containers. One very large and a smaller vase to fit inside the larger one. Next I scoured Ebay and found 350 wine corks (Ebay is awesome!) I then dumped the corks between the inner and outer containers and in the inner container, repotted the orchids in organic potting medium for orchids.

It’s important to support the flower stems of orchids but I’m not a big fan of the standard stem clips so to continue the theme, I drilled a quarter-inch hole right through a cork then with a razor blade, sliced it in half (on one side only).   It’s important to leave some wiggle room between the stem and the cork and…

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Back to the Future – Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

The Frustrated Gardener


I’ve seen the future …. and it’s kind of strange!

There’s been lots in the UK travel press about the development of Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, so I was desperate to squeeze a visit into our 7 hour stop over on the way to Burma. Despite being groggy from a 12 hour flight, our lovely friends Louise, Rick and their little boy Archie treated us to a strong cuppa and then transported us in air-conditioned luxury to this horticultural extravaganza.

To describe the Gardens by the Bay to anyone in the UK, the simplest comparison would be with the Eden Project, in my beloved Cornwall. However this is Singapore, so everything has to be bigger, better and more high tech. And of course, when it comes to the conservatories, the tables are turned. No need to pamper tropical species in hot houses here, so the precious indoor space…

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How to Win a Miniature Contest with a Miniature Garden

The Mini Garden Guru

How to Win a Miniature Contest with a Miniature Garden

Two Best of Shows, one 2nd Place, one 3rd Place and two Honorable Mentions – I could have sworn I have a 1st Place ribbon around here to complete the collection! Drat. I’ll have to enter again next year and be good, but not too good.

But, here’s how we do it. (Click on the pictures to zoom, use your back button to go back to the blog.)

1. Do something completely different. If you don’t know what to do – go to the show and poke around for the miniaturists who document the show, hopefully there pictures posted online somewhere for you to see. There’s a good chance that a living miniature garden has never been done before.

2. Pick a theme. It can be a play on words – this one called “A Miniature Hobby Farm” as a…

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Lights, Camera, Action! Photographing Your Miniature Garden

The Mini Garden Guru

Lights, Camera, Action! Photographing Your Miniature Garden

I must admit I bought the book for the photographs.

I’ve been a lurking fan of David Perry for about two years now. David is a photographer who loves “to have his hands in the dirt and his nose buried in bunches of flowers.” Why wouldn’t I lurk?

David is the photographer behind this delicious book, The 50 Mile Bouquet, Seasonal, Local and Sustainable Flowers by Debra Prinzing, released earlier this year by St. Lynn’s Press. And I must admit, I have yet to get through to the end of the book because his photos inspire the heck out of me! I get an eyeful and I have to stop, grab my camera and go out to the garden to play.

Another source of inspiration has been Kate Baldwin, who helped with some great photos for my book, Gardening in Miniature, from…

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A New and Rare Miniature Garden Workshop with Expert Janit Calvo

The Mini Garden Guru

A New & Rare Miniature Garden Workshop with Janit Calvo!

“Do you want to come and play with us?”

Want to learn all that you need to know about miniature gardening?

Would you like to learn from someone who has made over 1450 miniature gardens of all shapes and sizes, has studied the art and craft for 12 years, and wrote “The Book” on it?

Do you want to make your very own miniature garden to take home?

If you have answered “Yes!” to any of these questions, come and join us for one of our rare workshops at City People’s Garden Store on Madison Ave., in the Capital Hill area of Seattle, this October 21st. 2012!

Our workshops are rare because, if you’ve been following us online, you know that we don’t get very many chances to get out there to connect, let alone speak or teach our…

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