My Week without Television

Drops of Magic

Okay, I did it. I hid my remote and pulled the cord on my TV for a week. This is my diary of the unplugged experience:

Day one: I spent the afternoon on a long hike with a bunch of friends. Then came home, drank wine and emailed people on facebook. Barely noticed that I hadn’t turned on the tv all day.

Day two: I had a glorious beach day with a friend and our dogs. I did at times think longingly about my favourite shows. When I told my pal I was giving up tv for a week she asked if I was crazy. Yes, maybe… I spent the evening on the sofa, hugging my dog, staring into space and compulsively playing old cds. Did not feel good.

Day Three: Home from the office and I almost picked up and turned on the remote. Decided to tuck it away in the back…

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Mason Jar Ideas

Confessions of a Barefoot Kitchen Witch

More Mason Jar Crafts from Clinton

Mason Jar Terrariums
Terrariums can cost you up to $160, but this solution costs only a few dollars and is perfect for a centerpiece or mantel:
1.    Take your Mason jar and put rocks in the bottom of it. 2.    Add charcoal (this prevents bacteria). 3.    Add a layer of soil (potting soil is recommended, as it’s bug free). 4.    Add succulents (plants that need very little water). 5.    Add sand. If you don’t want to purchase sand, you can take beach sand, but just bake it at 350 degrees for 20 minutes to kill and sand fleas.
Mason Jar Luminaries
These candles are a fantastic way to brighten up a picnic or outdoor event:
1.    Take about four feet of wire and make a twist or loop at one end. 2.    Wrap the wire around the lower lip of the jar 3.    With the end of the non looped end…

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