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A New Website Is Born!

SoundEagle has been busy creating and designing this new and special website, and would like to welcome you to browse and comment at your discretion.

Click on the following images to visit the corresponding parts of the Queensland Orchid Society website.

Click here to visit Queensland Orchid International
On this website you will find some of the best orchid species and cultivars from avid growers in Queensland, Australia and the Whole World.

SoundEagle would like to welcome you and the whole world with an interactive platform that is serving not only as a communal website for amassing tips, ideas and findings, but also as the ongoing embodiment of a fully functioning (horticultural) society and community (including being a social media and educational platform) with specific goals and missions towards culturing, promoting and preserving orchids in all their diversity.

As such, the styles and contents of this website reveal in varying degrees certain…

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Green For Green: Staging a Garden for Sale


Attention all real estate agents, homeowners and investors looking to sell a property with outdoor space… check out this video as we transform a rooftop garden in preparation to list the property for sale.

Outdoor spaces often get the short end of the stick  when it comes to staging and it’s a missed opportunity to maximize the appeal of the property. Jeffrey talks about staging this rooftop garden on Manhattan’s Upper West Side and gives pointers on design items to consider to successfully show off a garden or patio.

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Bjorvala Video Number 22

Bonsai Eejit

Here’s the latest Bonsai Art of Japan Video showing Taikan-ten Exhibition in Japan. An interesting insight into how they set these things up.

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Bonsai Video Link

Bonsai Eejit

This has been shared on Facebook and YouTube!! It’s about 10 years old and is an interesting watch. Shinji Suzuki is the main focus of the video, a fantastic bonsai Artist.

I wondered about it being up on youtube, but after a quick internet search, it seems to be readily available to download free on the net via ebooks and many other sources.

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