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Tricot Treat

Most of my furniture has come (entirely legally) from libraries. I am a librarian. It is bound to happen. Recently, my current place of employ was discarding some card catalog drawers. I decided to experiment with using one as a tray for small succulents and cacti. I (because I am a librarian AND a geek), thought that it was funny that the drawer had a 750 on it since the MARC 750 field  in a catalog record using the MARC 21  Format for Classification Data denotes an index term for a given topic/subtopic(s). (The “classification” that serves as the title of this post is complete rubbish by the way. But of course, only librarians would know that.)

You’ll also note that there is a piece of stained glass, created by yours truly (my first!) which I made during a class at Two Fish Art Glass, near me in…

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