In My Garden

 Upper pot Foxtail Fern - lower pot sun annuals

Since this weekend is the first weekend past the “official last frost day”,

 I’m guessing that many of you will head to the greenhouse to buy annuals this weekend.

So…I’m trying to get this off a bit early this weekend.

I’m writing on Friday night and it’s well….almost freezing. 

But…tomorrow will be in the 70’s so we’ll all be itching to get going. 

Let’s talk pots.

First a disclaimer. 

I have a lot of opinions on pots.  But they are just that – my opinions.

So take them as that and go forward into the world of pots and annuals.

My theory is bigger pots and fewer of them is the way to go. 

In all my yard I have 10 pots.

And they are big pots. 

The smallest is 18″ in diameter.

The largest is 30″.

Frankly 18″ is a bit small but it holds an asparagus fern.

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