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At the Buddhist temple



We found this wonderful succulent filled fountain at the local Buddhist temple, it’s a really fun idea and in water conscious California, very smart too.

At the very top were the ‘String of Pearls’ senecio rowleyanus variety, giving the impression of actual drops of water cascading down the fountain, how clever!

It seemed like the whole thing had been recently put together and we didn’t expect to find it among the redwoods. What a pleasant surprise –

On the bottom left you can also see a wonderful echeveria gibboflora var. carunculata I don’t think I’ ever seen one before, it had a beautiful purple punk tone.


They also had a great bed of echeverias by the main prayer wheel, I never realized they kind of look like lotuses!



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Potted succulents


Potted succulents create a distinct look. Two large pots placed beside the entrance draw attention to the differences in textures and colors. They require minimal attention yet create a colorful addition to this deck. The rocks beside the tall pot also add to the natural, uncomplicated look of this arrangement. A great idea to try if you have a wooden, brick or cement deck such as this one.





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Potted succulents on table



Blue senecio contrasts very well with other succulents in this simple arrangement, I haven’t had great success with this plant but looks great here!

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Succulents in coffee shop


I’ve seen more and more of these arrangements during the last years, they are very popular and at the same time they must be very convenient and economical for the store owner.


These were outside a local coffee shop, and it was a great contrast to the restaurant beside it, which had plenty if planters outside too, but all of their plants were sadly dead.


One more reason why I love these little plants, they require much less attention than most seasonal plants.


And they also had two of these very tall pots, they don’t take up much space yet really add some charm to this tiny spot on the sidewalk. My husband took these photos, good job!


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