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The Outsider: Shady Terrace in Brooklyn Heights

casaCARA: Old Houses for Fun & Profit

NO SUN… no matter. My friend Elke Kuhn has wrought a lush green miracle on the north-facing terrace behind her 2nd floor Brooklyn apartment.

Go here to read today’s Brownstoner post about how she manages to nurture all sorts of lovely things and keep them going from year to year.

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terraza cats

casa azahar

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It wasn’t quite so blazing hot this past weekend so I took the opportunity to break out the BBQ for the first time this summer. Really I should BBQ all year round EXCEPT for summer since usually the only times it’s bearable to do so is either 9 am or midnight… a sunny January afternoon would be much more comfortable. Anyhow, everyone had a great time including little Luna, who took to inspecting all the plants and finding hiding places (as you can see, Loki is content to find a nice shady spot and stay put). I still wouldn’t feel comfortable letting the cats out on the terraza on their own, but they love coming out when I’m hanging up laundry, watering plants, etc.

That old gentleman Azar prefers spending the hot summer days stretched out on the coolish marble floor under my bed. The tumour on…

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Perfect Porcelain

Hermit Homewares

I have just stumbled across these simply stunning porcelain planters by Farrah Sit. How amazing are they?

Made with a bisque exterior,the unglazed porcelain has a soft, chalky character that is complimented perfectly by the tan leather strap. The interior is clear glazed, making the piece functional as a planter or wall storage piece. Choose from the single planters as pictured or they are also available as a tiered set.

Don’t they just ooze understated glam? Kinda like the Calvin Klein of hanging pots for your home. What a stunning collection!

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Beautiful Balconies

Hermit Homewares

We are about to create Juliet balconies off each of our bedrooms, and it has started me thinking about how we utilise these small areas.

Balcony’s are such a tiny space that we pack full of character. Like a retreat or sanctuary, it is an area where we can enjoy an alfresco breakfast, relax and read a book, grow some potted plants or cheers drinks with friends. A funny mix of private and public, a balcony allows us to interact while creating a clear and physical divide. But majority of us just like to sit back and survey the world as it passes on by.

Is it just the association with Romeo and Juliet that gives balconies their romantic persona? At the very least, it is the most diverse couple of meters any home can have.

All images via Pinterest

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Gardening Asylum South: Obsession and Refuge in North Carolina

Beautiful Exteriors: Vegetable Gardens

for love of fashion and design

If you don’t have much space these vertical vegetable gardens may be the way to go.

How cute are those baby lettuces?

What a creative use of old paint cans!

Wonderful use of the side of the house with these gutter-type shelves.

This sweet rustic garden looks so yummy!

Beautifully laid out beds and pathways. So lush and green!

Looks like a dream….

Last but not least is Martha Stewart’s herb garden that reminds me of an old French manicured garden. So elegant!


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How Does Your Garden Grow?

the well promise

We’re currently living in a rental townhome with no yard, which is deeply saddening when you have a strong desire for a vegetable garden. Making the best of things, we set up some pots on the deck and filled them with our favorite herbs, tomatoes, and peppers. We’ve been doing this for a couple years and are still learning new things, like what size pots are right for each plant.
I’m not the greatest at starting from seed (what’s the opposite of a green thumb?) so I always make sure to buy healthy plants that have already started to mature. I’ve found things I’m good at (thyme, mint, peppers) and things I’m not so good at (cilantro, tomatoes, dill). I always have a few in between things that still need some work like basil (something keeps eating it) and parsley (it doesn’t seem to like extreme heat).

We constantly experiment with…

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Lalbagh Flower show, a kind of scoop

Pattu's terrace Garden

This season, when you  are in Bangalore, you are amazed at the cool and moisture laden air. In Hyderabad, though it is pleasant, once the rain stops, we are back to our dry weather and hot climate. You are also attracted the idea of going out often, as living in the city connects easily the  various places by friendly autowallahs, though heavy on the purse.

I anyway wanted to scout in Lalbagh for some Edward roses , and cajoled the hubby to accompany me to visit Lalbagh. And there we went, by 11.30 A.M. on Tuesday.

What greets us.. Surprise Surprise. the Flower show! Well.. not exactly…only the arrangements and various trucks and props, and flower plants being unloaded, and workers busy , with the Glass house cordoned off. It seems the show is to kick off on 8th or 9th, and we missed the actual show by a whisker.

Other places were teeming with screaming school kids, otherwise, it was calm and balmy. The gardens appealed to me , and as usual, I could not help comparing it with  our very own Public…

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