Shade Planter with Orange and Yellow Begonias

Westerose Nursery & Greenhouse

Plants and planting tips to help you create this container garden:

  • Non-Stop Begonias
  • Torenia Catalina Gilded Grape
  • Coleus Skyfire

This easy care, low maintenance planter will brighten up the shadiest of locations.  It is relatively drought tolerant too…do not overwater.  When planting begonias, make sure you mound the soil slightly so that water does not pool around the base of the stems.  To keep the Coleus bushy, pinch the growing tips from time to time and remove blossoms when they appear.  Protect this planter from frost or extremely cold nights by bringing it inside.   This cedar planter will retain water better and last longer if it is lined with plastic before filling with soil.  A large black garbage bag will do.  Remember to poke holes through the plastic and make sure there is a hole in the bottom of the pot for drainage.  Water when top inch of soil is…

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