Nerdy Block Planter

Out Of Line Design

So my husband and I were trying to find ways to cover the ugly air conditioning unit in our tiny backyard.  I was this cute idea on Apartment Therapy (I think), using cinder blocks as a planter. Brilliant!  It created the wall needed to cover the unit and a cute way to add color.  However, I always have to do my own spin off of every thing I do because I like creating my own ideas plus, I don’t want to feel like a copy cat.  Here is my take on the cinder block planters with a twist of Super Mario.  If your not getting it by now…let me help you…the yellow blocks with the question marks are the things Mario would hit in games to get coins.
It was pretty easy to put together, with the help of my husband. Bought the cinder blocks from Lows,  used window screen…

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