How To Make Your Own Book Planters

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Want to spruce up your succulents and get that green thumb going?  Here is an easy DIY for book planters thanks to Russell Brown.


1 Vintage book.
2-3 small succulents. Any more than that will get really heavy.
Little bit of potting soil
1 exacto knife
Parchment paper or plastic bag
White glue
Dry moss or ground cover



1. The night before, rub a very thin layer of white glue against the loose paper binding, just enough to make some of the pages stick. It doesn’t need to be precise. It just helps when starting to cut into the book that the pages stay in one place.


2. Cutting the square in the book is the most time-consuming part. Decide how big a square you want to have for planting. I find that the smaller patches tend to look better. I like to leave some of the text of the book visible. Using your…

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6 thoughts on “How To Make Your Own Book Planters

  1. Nice idea, but shame on you for destroying books. They have been doing so thought history. Alexandria, the fascist>Need I say more. Gods Speed. I love you enormously. Y H V H


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