Container Gardening

M. Sullivan Photography

I’m trying my hand at container gardening this year.  I won the bid on a container gardening kit last fall at a silent auction for Chester Bowl.  It came with 15 containers, stakes, instructions and seeds that were mailed to me in the spring.  I also bought two tomato plants and a pepper plant to add to the container garden.  It was a bit of a rough start with all the rain that we had at the end of May and early June.  None of the basil from the first planting came up.  I think it all got washed away when we had several downpours with many, many inches of rain.  Luckily, I had extra seeds and replanted.  Unfortunately, cutworms and slugs thrived during the wet weather and ate the leaves off the spinach and also tried their hand at the peas, beans and pepper plant.  I’m not sure if the dry weather at the end of June and…

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