The Green Thumb 2.0

Some plants are so common while others are seldom seen and difficult to find. For years I’d heard of achimenes and read about them in gardening books but I’d never seen them in garden centers. When I went on an internet search to find them, I only discovered one bulb site and a few eBay sellers who sold achimenes rhizomes. After finally growing them last year, I don’t know why they aren’t more popular.

Achimenes are part of the Gesneriad family along with african violets and gloxinias. The tubular pansy-like blossoms come in a range of colors including reds, purples, blues, whites and pinks. They grow from small rhizomes (underground stems) and are at home in any bright spot. The plant gets about a foot tall but the stems are not very strong so they’re best in hanging baskets or other containers that allow the plants to spill over the sides. While they need bright…

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