The Green Thumb 2.0

My favorite flowering houseplant is the gloxinia. You don’t see them very often in the garden centers, probably because their large, stiff  leaves make them hard to ship. I’ve also noticed that the large plants that I used to get back in the 70’s just don’t exist anymore – florists and garden centers don’t grow their own plants any longer. But while the plants might be smaller than I remember them, I still enjoy growing them.

Gloxinia isn’t the true name of these amazing flowers. They are a tuberous member of the family Gesneriaceae. I share this information because this is a plant family that I love which includes achimenes, streptocarpus, goldfish plant and african violets and I’m sure to be making more posts about gesneriads in the future. The common gloxinia was once named Gloxinia speciosa but is now named Sinningia speciosa. If you’re shopping at a place that specializes in gesneriads, you’ll want to…

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