That’s a Streptocarpus?

The Green Thumb 2.0

There is so much variety in the plant world. You can think you know a plant only to find out that there are a whole host of different species and varieties that you knew nothing about.

I learned this lesson with streptocarpus. While I’d never grown this plant, I knew about it. I’d seen lots of pictures of this member of the Gesneriad family in various gardening books. The streptocarpus that I knew was a houseplant with long leaves that grow in a rosette. The flowers are tubular, have 5 lobes and are an inch or more in diameter. They come in a rainbow of colors, many with unique variegation. In my mind, this was a streptocarpus.

Last Mother’s Day I was working at a florist shop and encountered a plant I’d never seen before. The leaves were oval and covered with fuzz. The plant was growing as a hanging basket…

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