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Processing a stock plant

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I got this tree from Rob Addonizio. I’m sure he grew it from a cutting.
I’ve had it for awhile now so I figured it was time to process it and start it on its way towards being a bonsai. 20120805-180230.jpg

here’s the trunk. It’s busting out of the pot. 20120805-180408.jpg

another view. It’s in a ten inch wide container.
Real healthy growth. What I do to this today will not kill the tree, promise. 20120805-180615.jpg
If I wanted to spend a lot of time I probably could rake this out. But I don’t. Plus, there is an opportunity here to share a secret with you. 20120805-180759.jpg

saw saw saw

There we go 20120805-180921.jpg
The sawn off bottom I will save and20120805-181004.jpg
put here.

From those cut root ends a forest of shoots will grow. And that is the first secret I will share. This will grow into a small clump; all the best salicaria…

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Important Bonsai Masterpiece

Tyler Sherrod Bonsai

***UPDATE***I’m happy to say that all of the trees we had submitted for the Kichou Bonsai judging were accepted!

About this time every year a judging takes place in Tokyo for the newest entries of bonsai into a select group know as Kichou Bonsai, or Important Bonsai Masterpiece.  These bonsai are ones that are recognized as being some of the finest quality trees, ones that have been improved upon year after year to the point where they stand out above most other bonsai. I am told that this judging has taken place over the last 35 years or so and although some of these trees have died over the years for one reason or another, there have been about 750 trees awarded with this honor. A handful of professionals from around Japan make up the group of judges and are typically the same group that has just judged the past Kokufu trees. After a…

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Josh’s Bonsai Garden

Bonsai Eejit

Had a little trip over to Josh’s garden during the week to see his trees. Robert, Phil and Stephen and I made an evening of it. Bonsai and Fly Fishing dominated the discussion 🙂

Here’s a little video clip put together showing the photos from the evening and a few video clips threw in for good measure.


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Garage Get Together

Bonsai Eejit

Friday night was one of my gather up’s of friends to play with trees. We had six on the night, a few no shows due to the sunny day it turned out to be. Who could blame them. The rest of us got on with it.

Stepehn brought this Jasmine. Still pretty much raw material that had struggled last year after a repot. This year was he first it had flowered after collection from a garden.

You can notice in the photo of it’s trunk below that there was some white fungus starting on the bark. This was a dead patch which was removed to create a shari. More on this in a later post, or maybe even on Stephen’s own blog, but I doubt it 😉

Stephen caught in one of those curious moments lol

Brian, new to bonsai, came along. He had a bad experience with a Chinese Elm and I…

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Plants are a gals best friend…

just té

In my renewed enthusiasm and commitment to rid my home of chemicals I came across this wonderful post on Homesteading and Survivalism’s facebook page, showing us six of the best house plant to purify the air in our homes.

From carbon monoxide to formaldehyde and mould spores, plants are essential in the quest for a balanced healthy life!  So along with vinegar and lemons I’m adding a whole bunch of these plants to my shopping list!

Take a look at their post and see if you’re tempted too…

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Nerdy Block Planter

Out Of Line Design

So my husband and I were trying to find ways to cover the ugly air conditioning unit in our tiny backyard.  I was this cute idea on Apartment Therapy (I think), using cinder blocks as a planter. Brilliant!  It created the wall needed to cover the unit and a cute way to add color.  However, I always have to do my own spin off of every thing I do because I like creating my own ideas plus, I don’t want to feel like a copy cat.  Here is my take on the cinder block planters with a twist of Super Mario.  If your not getting it by now…let me help you…the yellow blocks with the question marks are the things Mario would hit in games to get coins.
It was pretty easy to put together, with the help of my husband. Bought the cinder blocks from Lows,  used window screen…

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