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“BOTANICUS INTERACTICUS”: Interactive Plant Technology



For more information on the Botanicus Interacticus, see:

Botanicus Interacticus is a technology for designing highly expressive interactive plants, both living and artificial. The technology is driven by the rapid fusion of our computing and living spaces. Botanicus Interacticus an interaction platform that takes interaction from computing devices and places it anywhere in the physical environment. In particular we are targeting living plants.

Botanicus Interacticus has a number of unique properties. This instrumentation of plants is simple, non-invasive, and does not damage the plants. It requires only a single wire placed anywhere in the soil. The interaction with plants goes beyond simple touch and allows rich gestural interaction. Examples include: sliding fingers on the stem of the orchid, detecting touch and grasp location, tracking proximity, and estimating the amount of touch contact between user and a plant.

Botanicus Interacticus also deconstructs the electrical properties of plants and replicates…

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Prickly Pleasures …Floral Friday


The recent heat and droughtlike conditions in much of the U.S. remind me of a desert.  I guess that living in Nebraska also means I live in the so-called “Great American Desert” as this place was once dubbed by the settlers and pioneers of the 1800s.

Many deserts, especially in the Americas, are home to various types of cacti and succulent plants.  Cactus plants are also simple and attractive to keep in the home.  They’re especially good for people who don’t enjoy the benefits of a green thumb.  All you really need is a small space at a sunny window and to remember, once in awhile, to add a little water.  If you want to get a bit creative, make certain to wear protective, padded gloves and use small gardening tools when repotting.

I’m fond of creating a theme corner in a room to add the spirit of fun.  Last…

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