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Featured Artist: Botanic Gifts

Urban Bazaar

Coming to Urban Bazaar, unique, beautiful, locally-made terrariums from Botanic Gifts!

Urban Bazaar loves scouring the Bay Area for artists of all types, whether they work with metal, paint, cloth, or plants. Botanic Gifts’s owner designer, Mykel Newton, says on her website that her “floral roots and entrepreneurial spirit led her to the creation of Botanic Gifts,” and that her “signature designs are a refreshing spin on the retro terrariums of the 1970’s.” No two pieces are alike!

Check out these pieces from the Botanic Gifts website:

Supporting local artists and bringing handmade goods at an affordable price is what we’re all about. Thanks, Mykel, for being a part of Urban Bazaar!

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Most of us have empty cans lying around and if you’ve not already thought of painting it and recycling it… then you should. This is what S and my project for today was. Well apart from shopping for some clay pots to paint (thats a project for me alone, don’t want her to get oil paint all over herself and around the place)

When S was away at school today, I sized and cut up some construction paper.

Since I wanted to involve S in the project, I drew simple geometrical patterns on it.

Gave S some oil pastel crayons and she got started

And when it was ready, we stuck it on the can.

And we were good to go…

I wanted to plant coriander seeds in it, but didn’t want another seed disaster (Read the post – girl with the green thumb), so I planted cuttings of a…

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Click here to contact SoundEagle (Web Administrator and Designer)SoundEagle says: How sweet of szuromidori to have taken the lovely photo for her mother!


This one is for my mum. She’ll know why… 🙂 Shot at Rab BTW. It usually pays off to go off the beaten path.

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A touch of green

cute suite

A dear friend of mine recently put in a request for the blog. She wanted to see some green, mostly because she was curious to see if the plants people keep in Barcelona are similar to those of her native country, Italy…

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Mini gardens

cute suite

Another week behind us, and we are speeding into Summer with the Olympic Games kicking off tonight and hot weather for all of us in the Northern Hemisphere. Time to tend our plants, otherwise they will be parched. For those of us who live in cities that means the plants we have in our mini gardens. Lots of those here, in Barcelona! Here are just a few examples – enjoy!

Ever seen plants in a frame?

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Creativity in the Garden

Hyams Garden & Accent Store

Have you ever heard of tipsy pots?  You’re in luck if you’re one of those gardeners that collect terra cotta pots.  Tipsy pots are, essentially, a leaning tower of pots filled with varying types of plants.

To begin, clear an area in your garden where you want your tipsy pot tower to go.  It’s a good idea to layer the ground with a material to prevent weeds from growing.  Next, take a piece of rebar (before determining the amount of rebar you’ll need, lay your pots on the ground to measure the height and then add 24” to give you the length for your rebar) and drive it down 2 feet.  This will provide the stability for the weight of the pots.

Next, thread a 12” round pot down the rebar for your base and pack it with wet soil so that it’s firm.  Using 4 10” round clay pots…

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