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I know… I “technically” spelled it wrong…

Terrariums are everywhere in household design.  You can check out how-to tutorials on Pinterest or on Google somewhere I’m sure. Here are some cute ideas spotted on google images:

Gotta love the side bottle look:

Neat idea! Someone reused an old lightbulb:

I love succulents and so I decided when spotting these containers at my local Goodwill store to throw some together and create my own “Tarahriums”.

The big guy vase was $3.99.

This little guy was $1.99

I went to Lowes and picked up small succulents. After using my Lowes card (automatic 5% off everything you purchase) they were $2.49 each.

Louise ventured into the garage to help me with my mini gardening project.

Big Bertha has Kalanchoe, Crassula, and Mimmicry.  I had the rocks from the apartment days so there was no cost there.

I used a mini-pot I bought from…

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