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I know… I “technically” spelled it wrong…

Terrariums are everywhere in household design.  You can check out how-to tutorials on Pinterest or on Google somewhere I’m sure. Here are some cute ideas spotted on google images:

Gotta love the side bottle look:

Neat idea! Someone reused an old lightbulb:

I love succulents and so I decided when spotting these containers at my local Goodwill store to throw some together and create my own “Tarahriums”.

The big guy vase was $3.99.

This little guy was $1.99

I went to Lowes and picked up small succulents. After using my Lowes card (automatic 5% off everything you purchase) they were $2.49 each.

Louise ventured into the garage to help me with my mini gardening project.

Big Bertha has Kalanchoe, Crassula, and Mimmicry.  I had the rocks from the apartment days so there was no cost there.

I used a mini-pot I bought from…

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Guest Garden #2


I stayed with my friend AJ last night and took a few pictures of her garden this sunny Thursday morning. It is an L-shaped established garden with a large lawned area and bordered by a sweeping hedge. When she moved in it had a decrepit pond far beyond repair so it was filled in and made into a paved patio area with bistro style table and chairs. The maintenance of the whole garden is a bit much when you have little free time so she has made up some beautiful containers with herbs, lavender, perennials and bedding plants for the summer. The birds are happy with their two water baths and bird table. I don’t have any roses but she has a number of well established shrubs inherited by the previous owners and they are looking good today. A great garden for one with so little time to garden!













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Reuse: Concrete Block Garden

Reclaimed Garden

(For more info, visit Studio G Blog)

What can you do with extra concrete blocks? How about making a wall garden or planter with them? Stack them, turn them, or even alternate blocks with negative space.

For more info, visit  Salvage Secrets Blog

Click here to go to J Peterson Garden Design for info about making your own concrete block garden planter wall.

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Enclosed Petite Patio Porch


Sharing the latest installation of Inviting Spaces By Kim this two half day transformation. We worked on this small patio off the family room of this Stanford, CA condominium with the clients 4 new Craigslist containers! Such lively colors to work with and from the condominium next door easily can enjoy a view as they come and go from their second floor spot! This is a definite passerby very friendly new addition to the neighborhood of a neighborhood friendly corner in multi-dwelling living.

The existing drip line irrigation for the succulents and drought tolerant plants will keep watering on timer. A simple solution to watering these new plantings. For many happy returns in their new spaces for many seasons to come.

My client Amy shared “Kim, I added a reading chair to the front porch since I suddenly have this urge to spend more time out there — thanks to…

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Got Windows!


What Do You Want To See When You Look Out Your Window

This Los Altos Atrium is in the center of these client’s condominium.
It is surrounded on 3 sides by sliding glass doors and is quite the focal point of this interior open floor plan with very few walls inside – keeping it nicely quite open and spacious feeling throughout the residence.

Part Shade loving plants are filling, spilling and thrilling in these 4 new planters.

Container Plantings:
#1 – Flowering Kale w/ Dracaena

#2 – ‘Kent Beauty’ Oregano w/ Phormium ‘Jester’

#3 – Azalea w/ Angel Vine

#4 – Shooting Star Hydrangea, Maid Fern, ivy, Equisetum hyemale

Planted between the stepping stones and medium sized rocks directly into the ground:

Transplanted Japanese Maple from client’s previous home
Flowering Kale
Carex pansa
Phormium ‘ Lil Jester

Ground cover – Baby Tears


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