In my own miniature world

The Amazing World of Conifers

When I am physically or mentally exhausted, I love to go into my special miniature world. When I’m there, the worries of this world melt away; there are no wars, no economic crisis, and no endless parade of political propaganda – just a peaceful garden where I am the king. In my miniature world, weeds (if they even sprout) are easily uprooted, plants receive the optimum water and sunlight conditions and I am able to spend time there consumed in the simple pleasure of marveling at the natural order of creation. I invite you to create your own miniature world, to enjoy as I do, its therapeutic qualities.

First, you’ll need a fairly good sized container. One of my favorites is hand-made out of materials easily found at your local home and garden store. I like hypertufa containers because they allow me to have a hand in the creation of…

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