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Echeverias are beautiful succulents and there are so many varieties of Echeveria that it makes the genus seem infinite.

The majority come from higher elevations in Mexico – where humidity is low and temperatures do not get too hot.  Their growth season is summer and they should be watered somewhat regularly during this time, and given a strong drought in winter months.

This plant grows in large and small colonies of closely growing offshoots.  In time, offshoots will fill a pot and often spill over the sides, creating a beautiful boquet.


Echeverias are mostly outdoor plants but also look great in a succulent terrarium.  When grown indoors, keep a close watch for mealy bugs, which tend to appear when these plants are grown in shady conditions and when there is a low amount of air circulation.  The mealy bug situation can be dealt with, but since Echeverias…

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