Out in the Rain

The Midnight Garden

We’ve had rain all day.   Nothing torrential, or sideways, or anything exciting/annoying like that.  Just rain, enough to water things well, to clean off the pollen and give everything a good soaking.  The cucumber seedlings seem especially satisfied.  It’s always welcome this time of year, and I appreciated a few more minutes to sleep in this gray morning, instead of getting up to water everything on the deck.

You can see in the big planter (center) that the morning glories and cosmos are growing nicely there.   It’s the planter down and to the right that’s on my mind tonight, though.  The lantana (yellow) is starting it’s third summer on the deck and is now happily in full bloom.  The red million-bells petunias are starting to do their thing and there’s a legion of white allyssum growing happily around the edges, but not in bloom yet.


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