Welcome to the Jungle

The Frustrated Gardener

One thing this weather is good for is making things grow…..really fast.  We arrived back home this morning and opened the gate to find a veritable jungle of dripping foliage and fragrant flowers.  The Holboellia latifolia has gone completely berserk, with long thin tendrils flailing about above our heads.  This aggressive climber was probably a mistake and is intent on turning the passageway into a tunnel, trying at every opportunity to join forces with the Trachelospermum on the opposite wall.   It’s even making a bid to get indoors through the  the front door.  It has had one haircut already this year but needs another urgently.  Beneath the Holboellia, lilies, gingers, cannas and Eucomis are all looking very happy indeed.  The Solanum lacinatum bought at Sissinghurst two weeks ago have already doubled in size and I am excited to see how these do.

In fact, the garden really suits being wet.  The…

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