To celebrate the end of the drought…

Bibelots by Kate

I bought a bunch of cacti.

Why? Because cacti are great. Mostly, I like the names. The spikey yellow guy is a Moon Cactus, aka a Hibotan. The yellow occurs because that part lacks chlorophyll. Like why leaves turn red and yellow in the fall. Clockwise from that is a Cocoon Plant, which  has fat leaves covered in like a weird, dense white hair. Then there’s Split Rock, a native to Africa, that looks like a broken alien egg creature. Weirdest name goes to Baby Toes. Each “toe” has a little translucent window on top where sunlight is filtered in. Science facts!

It was, I think, super easy to make, but I guess it remains to be seen whether these little guys survive. If they do, super easy project. If they don’t, the internet lied to me and it’s actually very hard to grow cacti.

Anyway, step 1: Buy pot…

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