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Outside In

Hana & George

I love have plants scattered around our flat all year round. We don’t have a garden and live in a city so I find it a brilliant way to create our own little oasis inside. I think that having pots and plants around is really uplifting. However, along the way I’ve also managed to kill a lot of plants and struggled to keeping them looking lovely so decided to do a little bit of research on how to keep the greenery alive! Here are a few tips that I found helpful…

* Choose the right plants for you – if you’re prone to killing your plants, the best thing to do is to try and buy hardy plants that like a bit of mistreatment. Cactus and succulents are good for this and I’ve found orchids can be left to their own devices! They only like to be watered once a week…

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DIY: Charcoal Terrarium


This little bugger was born from calcium carbonate (aka charcoal) + river stones + a cactus + a vintage glass vase. I am still in the process of experimenting with different terrarium sands and soils, and given that cacti adore a dry environment, I thought it fitting to house it in calcium carbonate because of it’s strong ability to absorb organic compounds.

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To celebrate the end of the drought…

Bibelots by Kate

I bought a bunch of cacti.

Why? Because cacti are great. Mostly, I like the names. The spikey yellow guy is a Moon Cactus, aka a Hibotan. The yellow occurs because that part lacks chlorophyll. Like why leaves turn red and yellow in the fall. Clockwise from that is a Cocoon Plant, which  has fat leaves covered in like a weird, dense white hair. Then there’s Split Rock, a native to Africa, that looks like a broken alien egg creature. Weirdest name goes to Baby Toes. Each “toe” has a little translucent window on top where sunlight is filtered in. Science facts!

It was, I think, super easy to make, but I guess it remains to be seen whether these little guys survive. If they do, super easy project. If they don’t, the internet lied to me and it’s actually very hard to grow cacti.

Anyway, step 1: Buy pot…

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Growing your own veggies in an apartment


About two years ago I started to think about growing my own veggies. I wondered how much it would cost? How much stuff do I need? Will this work?

Well, about two days ago I stopped thinking and decided  to try. Before that, I asked for some tips from my amazing friend Shelly. She gave me some good advice, and I got excited about having my little baby plants. We went to Fred Meyer supermarket near our apartment and chose herbs and spinach as a start.

Here is my list and prices:

Basil: $2.99

Jalapeños: $2.99

Spinach seeds: $1.79

Lavender: $1.69

Rosemary: $1.69

Parsley: 1.69

2 clay pots: $1.34 each

2 planters: $2.09 each

Organic potting soil: $4.99

Organic fertilizer: $5.99

Total: $30.68

I got home and started to move them to bigger pots right away I was happy to do that. If they do fine and everything works well…

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I have a balcony … now what?

What. No Mints?

Not gonna lie, my favorite feature of the new apartment is the balcony.

I’ve wanted an outdoor space to call my own ever since I learned Jim taught me to cook – I’d like to grow my own fresh herbs and perhaps a veggie plant or two.

Since yesterday, I’ve been perusing the pages of Pinterest for some inspiration – Here’s what caught my eye:

Image Sources: Atrium-Balcony, LLH Designs, Design Sponge, Helt Enkelt

How do you utilize your small outdoor space?

What kind of planters do you use?

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gardening 2011 – part 3

Click here for part 1 and part 2.
A lot has been happening on my balcony so I figured you all deserve a little update. This is the view from the door. You’ll see the greenhouses have moved to the other side of the balcony to serve as a rain protection for the tomatoes and catch as much sun as possible.

All of my seedlings have been in their final pots since the beginning of the month (I did have to cover them up a cold night or two). The tomatoes are doing wonderfully, they have grown big and sturdy and I am expecting flowers any day now. In with the tomatoes and peppers grow basil (three types), cilantro, arugula and calendula.

The zucchini and cucumbers are growing at such speed, they double in size by the week (they have doubled again since taking this picture a couple of…

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june days

I am SO hooked on making videos…I just can’t seem to stop.

We’ve had some lovely sunny days here which I’ve tried hard to enjoy. Between my pollen allergy and a LOT of work it hasn’t always been easy. Sneeze.
In addition to some really tough days at the office (which unfortunately will continue all month) I’ve been quite busy with my photography as well, which is great of course and I am enjoying myself immensely doing photoshoots. So far I’ve been blessed with the sweetest clients imaginable and I hope I’ll be able to share the results pretty soon!
At this point I just have to mention this speech I listened to the other day. Do yourselves a favor and sit down with a cup of tea or lemonade, depending on your weather, watch this and be inspired. Preferably after you’ve read this post to the end that is…

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Summer on my balcony


“life is too short to be wasted in finding answers.
enjoy the questions!”
paulo coelho

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