Succulent Summer Solstice


Nothing has pulled at my heart-strings (I know I say that alot) this year so much as the proverbially extraordinary succulents…from Echeverias to Cotyledons, I just can’t get enough. Succulents range in colors, textures and forms, are low maintenance, and…well, they are just awesome….Especially when they bloom.

If you have not yet been to Lone Pine Gardens in Sebastopol, CA, it is a must see destination for all things succulent, cactus and Bonsai. Here are a few shots from their demonstration gardens…

Our biggest project of the year has been making hanging wall panels…here are some photos of the first ones that have finally rooted enough to be hung on the store…

Succulents are relatively easy to maintain, but should be watered somewhat regularly during the warmer months so their feeder roots don’t dry out, and they should be protected from frost during the winter as well. They like a…

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