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Window boxes for green fingers

OUT & ABOUT in the city

LONDON – We’re short on space in London and that often means that you don’t have a garden. It makes it hard to grow things, something I loved to do back in Johannesburg. Because of this, I’ve noticed that people are either balcony gardeners, or they are gardening with window boxes.

This Summer, I’ve really enjoyed keeping an eye out for fun window boxes. A lot of people are embracing bold colours or simply keeping it understated with green plants. And a few lazy people are going for plastic. Not cool.

I’ve recently moved to a new apartment near Limehouse station, and we’ve got  a balcony. Right now, the only thing sitting on it, is a bbq, which, weather permitting, will get used this Summer. I’m hoping to introduce some flower pots or window boxes to liven it up. I’d appreciate it if the neighbours did it too because when…

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Container gardening in “Fine Gardening”


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This week, container gardening takes center stage. Our design inspiration and container how-to can help you put together your most attractive container displays yet. And when you do, be sure to take photos and enter them in Fine Gardening’s 2011 Container Design Challenge.
From the publishers of Fine Gardening magazine.

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My urban balcony garden


My balcony on a wider view – a lounger to enjoy the sun and geraniums aplenty

The Daily Norm

When you live in a city, like I do, here in the big smoke of London, every inch of greenery becomes important. When I travelled down to Glyndebourne the other day, surrounded by all of those lush green hills, and the conspicuous silence interrupted only by the occasional sheep cry, it made me realise just how lucky rural dwellers are to be surrounded by that constant beauty and tranquility. Yet it is only human nature not to appreciate what we have when we’ve got it. For all I know, the residents of those sussex country manners probably envy we Londoners who have the whole cultural world right on our doorstep.

I do like to count my blessings however, and I actually think writing a blog, which encourages one to reflect more on one’s life, making the most of occasions, events and opportunities for the sake of sharing and recollecting interesting…

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An excursion to the garden center

Insert Cheesy Title Here

And here is yet another eons-old post which I never published due to not having any pictures uploaded. This one I originally wrote on June 4th. (Which means the actual trip to the garden center was in mid-May.) Enjoy!


On Monday two weeks ago I finally made it to the garden store to buy flowers for the balcony. I know this is really nerdy and lame, but I LOVE visiting garden centers, even just to look. It was always one of my favorite activities to do with my mom, and sometimes back when I was living in Paderborn I would just ride my bike over to the closest garden center and explore all of their beautiful displays.

In our new apartment we also happen to have a wonderful long balcony which was woefully void of all plant life, and ever since January I have been longing for the day…

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Whimsical Window Boxes

The Simple Elements

When we moved into our home 2 years ago, one thing I knew for sure, was that I was going to want window boxes that spanned the width of our front porch. There is something so magical about window boxes, and the amount of beauty they add to a house is amazing. Such a little fix with a huge impact! I have learned so much about gardening thanks to my master gardener mother. Not only has she designed what flowers went in our new landscaping, she also helped with our front tiered planters and designed our window box. I only wish I could take credit for how nice everything looks!

Here is what is in my current window box:

  • Heliotrope – Tiny purple flowers bunched together to form a larger flower. Adds height and lovely purple color
  • Tuberous Begonias – In Red and Yellow. These add stunning color and fill…

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