My Future Indoor Backyard

DormStyler Part II

One day I’ll have a garden. For right now, I have two invincible little ivy-type plants and a small basil plant. But ever since we moved in one block from the fens, my appetite for greenery keeps growing. However, it just so happens that we also moved in three blocks away from a WestElm… and they have the most amazing terrarium collection I’ve ever seen. And maybe, just maybe, I’ve found my balance between having a backyard and living in a one-bedroom apartment.

If you don’t know what a terrarium is, don’t worry–it wasn’t until last month that I discovered the bonsai wasn’t the only miniature garden available

Here is a info page with lots of details about terrariums… but more importantly here is my inspiration for my future indoor backyard

Aren’t they so fun?

I cannot wait to make one myself. Hopefully the upkeep won’t be too much… it’s a miracle…

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